This wiki is a mind.

This wiki has much the same aim as the wiki we have drawn inspiration and code from. personal assistant? yes. An external brain, a "memex", a window into a psyche, a database, a home populated by spirits.

The foundation is a fork of the oscean core previously hosted on myugii fannan a plan 9 system which currently lives on jakarutu, now it is hosted on temuorin. Philosophically we have different constraints, or goals, from Devine but his code base has proven adaptable to various needs and circumstance.

We don't wish to repeat most of what has already been stated about xxiivv on it's own platform. We maintain a local copy of that place as it existed at the time Ar1522 of the fork. We hope this place will survive the collapse.

The license applies to this place.

Jalae is the curator of these works

other than mirrored sites the material on this site is produced by takarabune