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DigiArchive Discord

Project Organizer: .void

- They did almost all of the work when it came to downloading, storing, uploading, and renaming the files.
No social medias to plug, I typically prefer to remain very anonymous. Thanks to everyone who helped me clean up a lot of the loose ends.

Project Creator: Tarbuck Transom

- Created the original Discord server to get the ball rolling and paid for the MEGA while files were being worked on.
The Arch's fasttalking craftsman and indestructible supergod Tarbuck Transom, your Level 3 Overseer, leader of antifa, the firebrand with inner peace and cloutchaser eternal, initial organizer of the discord, would like to thank everyone who contributed in even the slightest way to this. Everything, even the wasted efforts counted to keep the energy of the project going. But mostly it was one person and it wasn't me. Read the rest of the credits.

Find me on twitter @TarbuckTransom, on my { discount Digibros}, { Co-hosting Neurotypeline}, or { crafting things}

Playlist Manager: KeeBlade

"Can't wait til this all gets uploaded to YouTube so I can do my actual job and make all the playlists."
- KeeBlade "The Playlist Guy

Project Helper: Samuel Kim

- Helped collect very obscure files, and wrote multiple scripts to make sure all videos were being collected.
"Hyped for more Anime Alphabet. Thanks for the analyses and the rants, Trixie. And thanks to .void and everyone else for working on this."

Project Helper: SentientCrab

- Wrote a script that renamed all the files so it wouldn't have to be done manually.
"japanese niggas"

Project Helpers who weren't available for comment:

- skroy - Found & archived non-YouTube related content. (Reddit pages, websites, blogs, Patreon content.)
- deepweeb - Helped obtain very obscure files, as well as helped verified everything was being collected properly. Obtained the main channel's playlist page from the Google cache to verify the total amount of videos which were on the channel.

- Zane - Obtained 19 videos which were no longer available or copyright-blocked, mostly with Soulseek. Obtained 3 videos which were listed on a Mega but had been lost due to broken links. Found a reupload of a missing Munchy video.
- Nekolove - Contributed archives for the video pages of multiple channels, which record the titles, thumbnails, and total number of videos

- internetrules - General helper, pretty much did whatever .void asked. Helped find and categorize a lot of files
- KisukeOboro - Worked on downloading and finding information for private and unavailable videos. Verified which videos could and could not be downloaded from the Wayback Machine. Obtained the titles, likes, and dislikes, and views for these videos.

Digibro Eulogy

This 21st Century Digital Archive is to commemorate the dearly departed Digibro, the only man past or future to die of a vaccine-laced weed overdose. He is now as Gay and Dead on the outside as he was on the inside, and will be missed by you and me because we're losers, lol.

Whether you met him as the Otaku Gonzo Journalist, Human Content Machine, Doer of Anime, This Far From The Mic, Big Shitter, Artso Fartso, Unbelievably Dull Sword, Scarlet Monochrome, DigibronyMLP or YT, Pubcrawler, Psycho Juggalo, Editor and Chairman of the Virginia Beach Hermit Society, Fucking Alicorn Princess, Japanese Colloquialism, (who the fuck is) Conrad(ical Hamboi), Alien Boy, Black Rose, Vapornoise Table Turner, Pro Crastinator, Gamecube Chatter, Listmaker Supreme, GAMES, Big Dig, or ∆Γ☂∰ ∳∀⑫⍑➎‱, he will forever be our 21st Century Digital Boy.

Each video has its publication date and original youtube id (for cases where streams are broken up from the same day and thus have the same title). In most cases you can sort by "date modified" to get original date of creation, especially for patreon content that doesn't have a hosting date. If you're going through this blind for some eldritch reason, the primary channels were Digi and Digi After Dark, but I personally recommend watching it in publication order. Good luck, Space Cowboy.

This is meant to be a completed project, but if you found something that's not in this archive, please message us on twitter @21stArchive. { Look for videos to steadily be made public on youtube as we add their original descriptions}

Thanks again for watching, there won't be a next one. Anime Forever.


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