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a raspberry pi now running 9front. due to current issues with myugii euphoria has pivoted from being a media playing device to auth server. This is to allow us to copy out all the important data and functions myugii performs and stores and then restore her as a cpu and storage server no long fixed in time.

steps taken:
download image
extract img
dd if=9front.pi3.img of=/dev/sdb bs=4M && sync
insert sdcard to pi, boot attached to TV with keyboard and mouse.
9fs pidos && cd /n/pidos && cp cmdline.txt cmdline.bak.txt

modify cmdline.txt using sam acme or ed to (one line!) : readparts=1 user=glenda nvram=#S/sdM0/nvram bootargs=local!#S/sdM0/fs ipconfig= sysname=euphoria nobootprompt=local!#S/sdM0/fs

note: nvram is needed in order to use auth/wrkey later, no other online resources had this listed so im putting this here so hopefully search engines will find the error something like (nil) /env/nvram doesn't exist. if you find this page searching that your welcome.
pi should now reboot straight into rio.

we can now add glenda username and pass using auth/wrkey. authid: glenda secstore key: **KEY** password: **KEY**
idk if secstore and password can be different but i always make them the same because im dumb and i heard someone say they should be the same once and never tested it.
auth/changeuser glenda (use same password from before)
auth/enable glenda
edit /lib/ndb/local :

sys=temuorin ip=
sys=myugii ip=

sys=euphoria ether=b827eb01d622 auth= ip=

ipnet=jakarutu ip= ipmask=

 echo sync >> /srv/hjfs.cmd && fshalt -r 

now that the main login is added and network setup complete we need to remount pidos and modify cmdline.txt again. change nobootprompt=local!#S/sdM0/fs -a -A tcp!*!564 service=cpu
this change will prevent rio from running locally because it's now a cpu server(it's not a terminal any more) and it will open a listener for remote cpu connections. the nobootprompt command is for hjfs, if you are using fossil/venti it's slightly different.
we can now fshalt and disconnect keyboard, mouse, display, etc. and move it to it's final resting spot with just ethernet and power attached.

probably best to check before moving, but we can/shouldbeableto drawterm into euphoria now. drawterm -h -a -u glenda
we now will need to add additional users to auth (not strictly neccessary but since i have multiuser setup gunna run through one of them here)

fixed cert on temuorin to be correct. it seems that the cert update on myugii was relatively meaningless. it needed to be on temuorin to begin with (this should probably be fixed by mounting euphy's copy on temuorin, or by using factotum to store it somehow? im not really sure how that works tho. since the current setup is "working" i don't think im going to bother with that for now tho.)

add lain to file server with echo newuser lain >> /srv/hjfs.cmd
add lain to upas and cron groups : echo newuser upas +lain >> /srv/hjfs.cmd
echo newuser cron +lain >> /srv/hjfs.cmd

since euphy is going to be auth server we need to add lain to auth:
cpu% auth/keyfs
1 keys read in AES format
cpu% auth/changeuser lain
Confirm password:
assign new Inferno/POP secret? [y/n]: y
make it the same as Plan 9 password? [y/n]: y
Expiration date (YYYYMMDD or never)[never]:
Post id: lain
User's full name: Lain
Department #:
User's email address:
Sponsor's email address:
user lain installed for Plan 9


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