i hate identity. i wish my site and videos could exist as something seperate from myself. and that i can live as something seperate from my body, and that none of this shit maters, but here's the thing. i do exist that way, just not here... you there! reading this. i can exist like that inside you. *blinks* so. you going to let me in?

IT TURNS OUT! it doesn't matter if i do or don't exist that way, and at the same time it does! fun. i can feel myselves. it's kinda dizzying. this place is a confusing mess isn't it? the radio has been interesting too. Check that out at helion you may need more skill than none to listen tho. but if you can get it to work it has some special attributes compared to something like soundcloud. one of them is a sense of linearity. many people can listen to the same thing at the same time. that in this day and age is a pecularity isn't it?


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