The cast off. Water stealers.


Main device, sometimes refered to as NAVI. Central hub and collaborator with the system takarabune. Host to myugii_fannan.

ok this is what we are going to do. tabun. i have already backed up my home directory. I need to backup my fstab, my myugii service, the list of packages i have installed, and my network setup (i can't remember what file that's in... somewhere in /etc/) then reinstall void on jakarutu. if i go this route it might make sense to use lvm this time... since i didn't do it last time this is where i have ended up... sigh. i guess i may as well do full disk encryption while im at it? eh, it's just more of a pain in the ass for me, and it has no mitigation on anything at all in reality.

jakarutu specs


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