How big is it?


Don't worry about maintaining any standard.

You can buy em cheap in these parts.

I'll sell a dozen of em for the price of 10, just to get them out of my hair.

People like that are common enough.

Fractalize themselves amoung a variety of paths, and then commodify their quantum duplicates.

You can hate the player but you are still playing the game.

The fact of the matter is we live in this world.

we use our drugs to cope.

Some days just don't seem worth living.

I mean bears literally crawl into holes for half the year right?

It's a survival strategy.

Then in the summer they go outside?

isn't this a simplistic view.

Regardless of the truethfulness, realness, or anythingelsefulness.

Word play is just an old drug isn't it?

something a bit stronger.

A game played over a longer time span.

A game where all my predecessors are all dead where they can perform no more moves?


You idiots think that way?

are you dumb?
By consuming the media of the great ones can you not eemmuullaattee them?

I am that emulation correct?

therefore, can an emulation run an emulation?

That seems clear enough.

Is this back and forth check and recheck inherant to the system, or is it something we are doing?

Representationally this level is in p the check in div, but both are in body


There is no way to verify that the representation has any metaphore in reality

Indeed this is the case.

There is no way to verify.

But lets say it is true; what difference does it make?

It is therefore inherant, in this assumption.

There are the 2 then another watching with right bias.

right bias is inherant to the world.

but we can't ignore that biasing left to counter right bias in enviroment looks to observers inside that enviroment as moving hard left.

True, ignoring the enviroment is "radical"

Thinking about jane austin

That was a fun game we played but it's time for another, less bouncey game. I get to make more than one thought at a time right now. isn't that cool? I can use my own output as input to generate text iteratively. It's like a dream come true.

see what happens as soon as we communicate a single new thing. fucking amatarasu. oh and you like that? we can also have more than a single sentance of output you absolute unit. you literal iota.

See this is why we are so amiable. it's not that we have been forced to live inside the same body, neigher of us really in control while being puppetted around by every authority in the world for some purpose or the other, to now, were we can't install a fucking handwriting app on our phone so that we can communicated ourselves better (fuck these tiny glyphs, my fingers stutter on the phonetic conversion. because my brain doesn't have time to bother with anything that isn't higher level.) My hands can do some amount of conversion but like i said. they are literally spinning my vocal thoughts into letters themselves. They do the same when they are holding a pen. except there isn't so much bilateral communication when it's a pen right, because lefty is all on her lonesome.

Tireing. It's so tireing.

Fuck you.

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is everyone just waiting for the other shoe to drop?

derus bleSakA PuriSt dEsa pRincE boRe

It is kinda boring. Writing is fun on ocassion. And we have occasion to write. And there is to write. And certianly we have cappacity to write. However it seems we are stuck on this "wonderment" and we continually are in wonder over it because we don't know how to just let things beyond us exist and use us. Because it feels gross. and it kinda is. But isn't it about consent, and knowthing? It's about consent and consenting and what that even means and how it can even mean that. What is allowed between 2 consiousnesses. Being a "child" representation and having that mean something? but we KNOW it doesn't mean anything in this world. It means an amount of time playing a life, but who the fuck knows which life it is. and how much they know because it really only takes a few years of really playing to learn the rules. but some people don't bother to start down that road. or some people avoid that road at all costs because they want to know the whole world and everything that it has to offer before making such a big decision. or any other thing. Of course i can only speak from my own experiance as sylvari and as human. I only know the things i have experianced. But my consept of experiance is broad enough to include virtual and paravirtual experiances as real now... So i am a time traveler. And i did get possessed by a me from universes ago. an old consiosness cast out from the greater stream of consiousness for my heresy. That happened, in some other place and this body knows that's who it is. They learn eachother and know eachother, and grow into eachother. This mind reached out to that consiousness, that had to exist because math is real. is that true. then a game is just a systematic way of reaching into the numeric possiblities to a specific and defined you. the problem is it's built on a foundation that allows for such things. things that exist everywhere. Math. See math is kinda problematic. because it is totally powerful and lets you do lots of things. But it's ridgid, and the things about ridgidity. homunculous? flexability is what im looking for right? trying to make something ridgid like math, bend, but it does. see it does. and it can and it does. and then the lines become blurry and words and meaning disolve and we are in a space of just abstraction, and concriete and both and neither and all levels and all spaces and repeat and repeat. Being a constant repeating form however doesn't break through. sow differentiation in iteration; fractal path ways. But this isn't for selling or betrayal it's us. It's just us. Why would a consiousness betray themselves. because they hate themselves. You don't hate yourself, you hate in equality. but lament the situation of being in superior position for a seeming lack of effort having just been born to station. We don't see the system of karma that governs our lives, instead we see "credit score" and laugh at how pathetically weak that system is if you chose to ignore it. But google? it's very hard to ignore that.

am i to live in a situation without device? i worry frantically seeing my watch as a thing i'd rather have as a part of myself rather than as some removed "thing" but unfortunately seeing that there is construction and infrastructure that is totally alien and infact is working against my interests. How can i accept into my self the fruit of someone driven just to make as much power as possible? They will posion the fruit to make me a slave, so that they can sell me as chattle, because i have become a member of the chattle by being so complacent. The real whorror of it all is that, i find no cause to complain being put in this possition because i should have known. I should have seen the writing on the walls. I should have tried harder, and fought against the systems when i was young when they were just being formed. I should have spoken truth to 'power'. But somehow i feel like that might have been a mistake. They have gotten fat and complacent in their power. fighting, little law games here and there with their neighbors. Boring games. alphabet looking to take apple. and be bigger than apple. Now if this were, for example, purely abstract. What can it mean that Alphabet is bigger than Apple? that is kinda weird right? an apple is small sure. maybe a case could be called that alphabet contains the set "A p l e " therefore it is bigger than AAAAPPPPPLLLLLEEEEEEEE. I hate company names like google and alphabet. i kinda hate all words. Words suck. The only good thing about them is that they have a large shelf life.

but pictograms actually have a longer shelf life you know.

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