Copydown (Ω) All Rights Terminated

By CONSUMING this WORK, your timeline has been ALTERED and you NEVER believed in intellectual property.
ALL your rights to ALL WORKS you HAVE produced OR WILL produce are retrocausally TERMINATED.
Your BIRTH was derivative of this WORK, and all art you WILL MAKE or HAVE MADE have thus also been derivative of this work.
All derivative WORKS (past, present, and future) must retain this licence.
Temporally toxic viral licence.
The mRPL is designed to erase intellectual property from human history and memory.
Any user of this licence no longer has rights to any work they have produced; the work is it's own thing. That work will retain the license and spread it among any user of the work.
Legally by reading this you have been born under an mRPL license and all your previous works have also been mRPL'd.

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