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JLC2024 creator Jalainix has this to say in regards to the new speed run for InstaRez Psyche restoral. bifircating the causality matrix over a single desision point is the crux of this exploit. It has always been possible to use proxys, and by cleverly stacking the proxies onto a single skill use a branch is created where on the success line the fail lines fail is undone by the success. This is pretty simple when you think about it. if you resolve to cook something cooking makes a mess. Fail state. You resolve to cook something. You clean the mess. You cook something you clean the mess. This resolves all failure states, of course this is an incredibly simplistic example, but it gets the point across i think. Mario has to go back and save every princes. I mean every yoshi he abandoned to the fires. so Here's a break down from my point of view as developer of JLC2024: Cast a latent rewind. Sac Jalae - camera rewind activates cam restored. we now have Jalae -> Jalae -> Cam Cam is a copy of Jalae with a 1 degree seperation, rendered into jalae prime's reality as a phone. Amazing right? psyche restoral activates by first spining the narrative using mythweaving. faith of true believer activates allowing to cast any spell under any previously maintained magic system. FireWalk with me is activated. The viewer is now able to supply faith to perform miracle. Baggage is discarded, freeing up space for memory projection splice. There is only minor differences, but not everything is able to make the jump (this may be a space for future optimization) Symbolic call to "manual garbage collection" Evokation of lavender, to call the spirit of the dead, only spirit avalible (this is potentially exploitable by injection of malicious spirits) is the saced copy. Ritual Washing of the hands, for purifying ego before God. bifurcated spirit and physical reality jalaen appear before god simultaniously. (this is intended behaviour) These actions have all been baked into habit, so it all is fairly automatic. Things we do without thinking are the dangerous bit. At this point, there are several directions the interview can go. Cast appart, would sever the 2 as entities forever. This is common, because this is a divine right, the lewd desires all result in disolution of the "unholy" demon (the spirit). They may gain some relationship to eachother, ie, revenge seeking, or protector type. Jalae is never the type to kill her clone, but might want to lick her toes, or force her clone to like her toes. Depending on the mood. So that there are potentially many desires that would result in a stable relationship before divinity is rational. Ofcourse This choses the most based of the routes, Psyche recovery in preparation for transendance. Normally just letting the spirit ride shotgun after allowing gatesideloading The psyches will merge slowly and become one after no more than 6 weeks under normal circumstances. There is a community exploring maintaining seperate psyches indefinitely but what we want to do in this case is the opposite. That is to say force the complete merging of the 2 as instantly as possible. In order to do this the Deus state was needed. To give both views a common pov. Next the auto movement hits an object which triggers a calculated event on the chainsaw in the dinning room. This emotional reaction raises the sync by forcing the spirit to acknowledge its awareness of physical objects despite having no body. Pivot to confort in darkness underground. something both psyches resonate with on a primal level. Having hit ideals of organization, solitude and general distrust of other the broadest relatables are established. Basically low risk and fairly high reward. By this point there is now a hightened faith responce feed back from the firewalk with me which is going to remain in effect until after the video is finished. The rice cooker noise is a fairly specific niche now, as we funnel from broad to narrow, hitting fewer firewalk with me procs on each thing, but with additionally higher rate of effect per additional proc. "music memetics" are being used to create a beowvlf cluster out of the viewers by giving them a common experiance. This pay load is injecting itself in your brain. Next moves into talking about experiance of "disillusionment of the idea of family". Wishing for master artisan level family heirloom. -> Next sequence is milking for hits on guild, family, creed, nationality, etc. This sequence hit the "editor" who was first viewer, this caused a first level merge to occur, the editor is a clone of jalae now merged but temporally desynced in a triad. Talk about raw form of the media as it was consumed by the editor and editor only and how the editor views things, and how that entity is different. (give the bifircated selves your power, because they will become you) Praising the future self for being better is a nice touch. Idon'tknowidon'tknowIdon'tknowidon'tknow


roku moku
deer eye
The images flashed in ほむら's mind as she walked through the door. Snap.
There was new chatter from the teacher, she knew that type well. A perfect example of the desperate yukari sensei architype type in this more shallow time. she needed to get laid. She was probably a closet lesbian. It sucks when they repress that shit and then punish the next generation because they are too stuck in expectation they can't change shit. But there was this shallowness she had to admit... it was a bit much to bear, even for her, like she couldn't let her guard down. Eyes everywhere. And rightly so. There were eyes everywhere. Her mind was sling shotting, It was hard to stay in just the current moment. Her particular use of RE allowed her to flash and relive continuously the immediate past, by calculating prospective futures and living in those moments then snapping back to the "present" She didn't know who this was but they were on the other side of the still closed door. Who ever it was must be a magical girl im resonating with through the teachers words she could hear on the other side of the door. "Theres a new girl transfering into school today" She had seen that future sometime ago when she was still in the hospital. Who was that again. She had the feeling she knew them some how. A familiar flavor on the tip of her tounge.

Do you ever spend hours staring at a word and how it is written? do you ever stare at the shape of it. the curves, where things connect or don't, what is a little high, or a little low. HELVETICA STANDARD

Of course this makes me feel like some kind of predator. Viewed objectively im sure it seems that way. It seems that way to me too. It's awesome. I love feeling like this. It's definately something i like to feel like im a creepy stalker. oh well. if that's how it's going to be. If im going to feel like a creepy stalker i may as well do the stalker thing right, right? like may as well go all out and get proper stats and birth dates, and be a total fucking otaku about everything. may as well right? what could posiblily go wrong. May as well

This interface is pretty slow but it is kinda nice in that it forces us to make our thoughts at least defined enough to be described. I feel kinda guilty that i don't know kanji (kana?). The reason is i am moved to this point where i feel like i believe in this ambiguity. Where i feel like the reality im living has to be at once incredibly boring and mundane, and also at the same time the worst existance possible, and the best existance possible. it is all these and everything inbetween all at the same time. And seeing that this is true we can feel like well in that case you can, seek to make what it is you are doing always good right?

roku moku
deer eye
horus, ra, light, sun,
deer, innocence, nature,
roku, six, moku, point, pawn. madoka.
roku me sixth. ka sika shika shishi shishi moku

That's all that 暁美 ほむら saw when she walked in the room.
This was the first day in this world, and when she saw something she wanted there was no way she was going to let it go.

Look psychic damage is going to happen one way or another.

How is it people are like litterally 10 years younger than me but have writeen like 5 times as much. how is this fucking possible? Like how is that i have lived this long and not written more? what the fuck have i been doing this 30 years that could possibly justify not having written more words? well there is the very fact that the process of writing is wholy alien to m i enjoy watching shit. i actually make stuff too. I used to code but that's a totally different process than writing write? writing code is about doing a lot of thinking in order to bring your thoughts closer to how a computer organizes thoughts. well instructions. Computers aren't actually good at compromise., well they are as good as we are, that is to say terrible.

Anyway, the more people agreed on something the clearer and simpler the interface it seemed like. Everyone agrees what logic gates are and how they work. Simple nice interface. What kind of interface? 1 person has 12 answers. And it gets worse the more kinds of contexts we create to solve all our other non-problems. What kind of program you might want for writing a book is different from what kind of program you might want for writing code. They are different problems with different solutions. we need to start using the tools in this tool box.

We need to show children they don't know shit. They aint lived shit. I ain't been wasting time, i've done spent it, digi learning now that she's 10 years behind the game on a new game. Hopefully the assets are useful. But im entering this space with 10years of life on my belt. Eagle scout. mormon returned with honor after 2 years in the former soviet block. Went to national jamborees, worked at scout camps. I was true blue america freedom USA "I'm proud to be an american" singing nationalist. I really fucking was.

For me working on something deadass for more than a day, is hard as fuck.

It seems the only solution to this is to make something so multifaceted i can drop working an any of the parts at will to work on other parts without having any problems. I think that's the only way to deal with things. It kills two birds with one stone that way.

SIAYNOQ: giving honour to one who speaks with sincerity, signifiying the remembrance of things spoken in sincerity, containing the idea of light as that which reveals reality, standing for fermentation because reality, or having a belief in a reality, which is the same thing, creates a ferment in the universe. SIHAYA

it's really about aesthetics. Oh ya. she mentioned that the reason you become a charactor is a level of selfawareness. I think that's not really true. turning yourself into an object in the eyes of potential viewers creates an alternate meta self that shares many of the same qualities as you but is a shadow of you that exists in the minds of your followers. This version of you can be bigger and stronger than your physical self. This shadow self is an asset. Creating some distance between yourself and your art isn't something to be looked down on. Some things require some abstraction to communicate something nuanced right?

this reminds me that i think digi gets a bad wrap with what's going on with digibro/nee switch and the new direction their scripted videos are doing along with only fans hentai reviews. Ya it's a kind of sell out. ya they are clearly doing a grind. My thought is there must be some reason for that. Digi has talked about viewing themselves as an anime director or studio head. I DON'T THINK THIS IS AN ACCIDENT. We have watched digi long enough to know that there is always forshadowing. Starting an anime studio is expensive. You need to like fucking hire people. even doing everything through fivr for maximum p2p web3.0 newtype production. you need money. I am currently in stand by. I may decide to make a sprint as digi is currently doing to amass fund for a project. Currently i need to write a project bible. even if i can't organise it properly. Even if my ideas are ideas about the idea and how to make the idea itself navigatable. Software is so trash sometimes.
but it's like they always say if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

hakase is an amazing child. hakase is a supergenius tech wizard. hakase is a snot nose brat. I don't prescribe to viewing the fact that she is just a genius professor at 8 year old as the wikea. I get it you like to take the text super literally, but lets look at ayumu's wait no im sorry, i meant homura's joke by the river in episode 3 i think as an example of something the show does explicit (as in this case), quite often. This quazi "is the joke the joke, is it being set up for a further punchline? is it genuine?" Mai basically seems to have this kind of "i want to be in lesbians with you vib going" and talks about the other girl being smart. them being friends. her having feelings beyond friendship. and at every stage of the "decent" of the "joke" homura is watching the reaction.

regardless the descent is vulnerable a potential full clarity as siaynoq. But then comes the punchline. The feelings change how she see's her. oh did i say you were my closest friend i meant we aren't even friends. Oh you fell for that joke, well you should have seen it coming when i called you smart. and the girl feels like she has just been used for some kind of transuniversal train stop, nurses her bruised ego with the solice that at least her being stupid is a truth about herself she has no problem accepting.

like the fact that homura as avatar for the author is so clearly expressed with her doing the david touching the finger of god, pose in the middle of class. and her acting in total alignment with her role as osaka and as her role in madoka both 100% at the same time. but also as a near infinite spectrum of osaka-homura clones. maybe im reading into it. but it's not just me who is seeing this in my house.

I only have my own judgment. Im not sure if i would have had this reading before. I think i would have just tried to figure out what the "real" story is behind that world. and the "real" story is it's a fictional place, even within the fiction. The reality of that world is nearing a transition state where the falseness has fallen away. Youre inner abstract self shines through to your physical manifestation as natural result of your manner of existance. This is how i want to view the real world but then it makes me ask questions like what does what i eat say about who i am and if im to be the me that communicates to myself properly what can i eat to convey the idea of myself to myself so that my self can get ourself into gear. and be healthy.

this isn't so terrible a way of viewing things but it's often extremely difficult to keep the motivation. I can't have the body of a hot ethot because i have no self control nor capacity to defer pleasure. Vi are working on it. So it's not that the boy with a mohawk has a birth defect. it's that the mohawk of his soul is physically manifest in his body. there are options tho. like it's possible to cut it shorter, have just a pony tail or something but the show is looking to say ya, we know the premise is weird, he could physcially change his hair here see, we know. but look at his mom. there would be social ramifications to changing it. so he is essentially cemented as mohawk guy, and later in act of true rebelion against his father he had to remove it, and so lost the "trappings" of a spark and was no longer interesting to the high scool girls.

My room mate hates hakase. She says she can't stand kids like that. Hakase makes me sad that im missing my daughter at that age where she has infinite curiosity and imagination. but i also have consumed too many infohazards and i think you need to build a nice ego core before you can be exposed in a consious state to me. The first 2-3 years we were together pretty much everyday, so i know i definitely poisioned your mind to some degree with shit like lucky star and tinkerbell. How much that will stick im not sure. but im believing in the universe where i have a lainite daughter.

but if she wants to be a normie how could i give her that choice? the only way was to allow her to be raised by normies. to believe as normies believe. If she want's to remain normie honestly GOOD FOR HER. Sure for me it'd be more fun to have the kind of relationship that appears from the outside to be a disgusting cyber incest sex cult. but that's just my own aesthetic. I can build my weird creepy sex cult regardless of any other outside forces. well not really. it nees to run on base reality with no external mods tho.

so the question is what is base reality? This anime answers are you an angel from the haibane renmei universe listening to 1920's flapper music waiting for your giant toast to be done cooking?
Are you a literal devil being given random cookies from your neighbor and asking for money?
Are you reading this scizolit at 2:20 AM the in the dark just like how it was writen?

New order

Same as old chaos

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