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An endevor to make my hero acedemia watchable

My Hero Acedemia the animation is like many long running shonen anime adaptations quite annoying. While there isn't a huge amount of filler (as in the infamamous naruto adaptation) there is an obsene amount of flashbacks which bloat the runtime to make the pace of the story fit a 20 minute serialized run time. All adaptations have their flaws.

I don't begrudge the excelent animators writers or anyone involved in the creation of the source materials. PLEASE SUPPORT THE OFFICAL RELEASE.

This project attempts to cut the kruft and follow the manga more closely.
how well that's able to be done will be debatable, you are free to attempt your own version :)

i have taken on this project because no one else (to my knowledge) has done so. I like the show well enough but would never want to rewatch the original and have a hard time recommending it to anyone because how bloated it is.
This version i want to be something worth recommending.

progress so far. episodes split into per volume groups up to volume 22. season 5 has a lot of filler that is during volume 23
volumes 01 - 03 has been edited. Volume 1 runtime is 104 minutes and covers the first 5 episodes plus some of 6. Volume 1 is dual language (eng and jpn) without subtitles. Volume 2 is 93 minutes covering episodes 6-11 of the original release and is english only. Volume 3 is 80 minutes covering episodes 12 - 16 and also only in english. I have recently started to watch anime without subs so it's not high prioriety and will have a learning curve so im not going to get around to it for a while if ever (if someone wants to do it hit me up ジャлæ#5599 )


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