who are children of perdition?

is this what it means?

Is this the meaning of perdition? Is this how it really is? was the upbringing of the fathers actually true and i was wrong all along? that the appearance that it was wrongw as a lie my mind fabricated? I exist in a place where that's true, and also not true.
Homestuck is really good. it's excellent. It's a masterwork.
Nichijou is really good. it's excellent. It's a masterwork.

Everyone needs to be part of a masterwork. Some people need to create masterworks.
I need to create a masterwork. I have the credentials. I'm crazy. I got that light autism. My masterwork doesn't need to be popular, and ideally it wouldn't be.

What is Takarabune

Takarabune is the Ship of Fortune crewed by the 0H Gods of Fortune.

We have been thinking quite a bit about what kind of licence we should use. We prviously liked CC0. philosophically CC0 makes a lot of sence. Everything belongs to the universe. Everything is everyones and it doesn't make sence to try to restrict what others do with information. People should and will use data how ever they want to whatever end they want. And that is good as far as im concerned - from a purely idealist perspective. In the perfect world licences wouldn't need to exist. If you wanted access to information you would get it. if you wanted to use an idea you could use it.
unfortunately this isn't the ideal world. In this world there are real consequences of accumulations of power and using the accumulations to enforce the uneaqual hierarchies. In this situation those outside the powerbase should do everything they can using the powerbases own rules to subvert it. To that end the most sane licence is one that is as similar to toxic poision as is possible. touch it if you dare.

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