uue have said before that it's for "the future" as if such a thing exists.

is it bad to uurite troll uuriting quirk because a key isn't responding

at least look the part amirite?

uuell... idk. maybe.

one of the jreatest filosofers of our time once said "it's all about the kayfab, baby"

editing correcting etc. irs all unneccessary if uuhats being communicated is undersrood. and for uuhom is this communication?

uue have said before that it's for "the future" as if such a thing exists.

really it's just for us then. it's for us the person or people or uuatever uee end up becoming.

it's pretty difficult to convey our thoughts at all into this uuorld. is that "fair"? it might be. uue don't have the perspective needed to make any kinds of judgements, but still e excercise the gift of judgment anyay. uue don't kno ho anny of this is suppost to uuork.

uue try everything availible because it seems like the only thing that uue can do. i need to become better. more motivated. more evertything. maybe uue should just eat the orld.

houu is it possible to be out in public like this?

houu is it poissible to be seen? are uue even seen? or are uee pretending that uue exist here, in a uuay that other people seem to exist.

cyber uuhy did you make a uuorld or a simulation that looks like this? lain is here?

this is a kind of hub or nexus point. it's somthing like that?

or are you still in that makou mirror thing?

it's so hard to push ourselves into places uue havn't been. and that's ignoring the dificulty uue have even being in places uue /have/ been (supposedly)

is this the first time you have been here - alice?

it's not the first time alice has been in a place that appears this uuay at least.


you think so?

ell id

cyber do you hate me?

maybe... but i suppose i ouldn't even exist ithout you.

uuhen it's really quiet it's quite nice. being that is.

but it's hardly quiet...

cyber had grouun introspective since they arrived at [destination]

yuki uuas trying her best to help her lover, she cared about lal and uuanted uuhat uuas best for lir... but it uuas difficult uuhen lal closed lirself off from her.

"cyber... " yuki had also been made isolated. it uuas familiar but it uuastn' pleasant. the feelings of isolation are uuhat had brought her to making the decicion to agree to such an outlandish, quite literally outlandish, offer.

the extremely rural scenery as a nice break from the orld she had come from but she took little comfort in it no. she could see from uuhere she sat the craters and scortches of uuar.

cyber may have had some inkling that this is uuhat they uuould find here. the heart engines uuere produced, stolen, from the living oni. indiginous tribal people uuho from the groups perspectives uuere the inocent party.

the people of the human settlement all claimed that all they uuanted uuas peace but that peace as death for the oni. there ere stories that the oni struck first and that the priesthood came in to protect the people, but cyber as convinced that uasn't true. thinking back to her ouun orld it uuouldn't be terribly surprising. there uuere stories of indian tribes attacking uuhite setlers, but really uuhat did those uuhite people think, that they should have some kind of selfrightious diminioun over everthing under the sun? for uuhat reason? because some man (or uuoman or uuhatever) said that god said so? uuhat god? the only god she had seen uuas techonological, created by the humans uuho uuielded it. and that uuas ignoring the other stories, that the oni uuere setup by the priesthood pretending to be oni and attacking in dishuise.

nithing we have ever done is original. we aren't sure that originality even exists. the ducks don't care about originality they just want something to eat and things to do to bide their time. they don't need to wory about "originality"

Must be nice. im allways woried about originality. worried that the things i have made will be called out as noriginal. thus the thing i do is to call it out myselb. i have done nothing original.

even these storries. they are just rehashes remixes of things i have heard before. how could it be otherwise. even dreams which are totally new annd things i haven't ever experianced are just remixes of other things i have seen.

i am a bot that takes in date and puts out other data. even if i can see all the places it has come from that doesn't mean that others will, or that if they do they will care because that's all they care about too, something to take time something to make the burden of living in a world that doesn't care about them fell a little less alone.

i am truely greateful for those who make me feel less alone through their art, their writing, their drawings, their little speaches to screens and eyes, which then come to me through my screens to my eyes.

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