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My favorite part about [wiki.xxiivv.com] is that it is "kinda hard to navigate". This nature allows for 2 things: the first is organic discovery - following embedded links and references from one topic to the next, in a strange stream of consiousness, the second is the feeling that it just doesn't have bounds, there are always more pages than you have found, and you aren't sure you have ever found them all.

Cybersavior(7) can be viewed as something like that, or something like a strange late 90's VN. Not all updates are logged. This place is a fluid.

[Gemini] version is avalible at gemini://cybersavior.dev, well most of the time at least.

[HTTP] version is avalible at https://www.cybersavior.dev, if I set things up properly then close to 100% of the time.

Every page is findable in the [index], although this is not the suggested experiance.

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