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slov is a plan9 service which mounts 2 files in #S (/srv/) slov.cmd and slov.dat for input and output respectively. These files may be interacted with manually at the rc shell, or automatically through scripts or with muffet[muffet].

slov accepts 3 different kinds of commands: insert, delete, and lookup. Insert doubles as an update for partial matches with existant nodes.

commands are sent on seperate lines for each element. The first element is the command type. Only the first letter is parsed, I or I for insert, d or D for delete and l or L for lookup. There may be more characters on the line. They will be ignored. Commands are ended with a ! character on a line by itself. A lookup which has no addition information (ie two lines: "L" followed by "!") will display all the names of all the existant entries. Providing a name will print out the information for that node. Further providing a name and key will return the value for that key.

slov uses tabs to differentiat between node names, keys, and list elements as defined in the indental[] and are mandatory. There is no special treatment of lowercase or uppercase for node names, the use of uppercase is convention only. Typical use will be to start slov, then to 'cat /lib/slov/i /lib/slov/*ndtl lib/slov/eof >> /srv/slov.cmd'. The files I and eof contain 'i\n' '!\n' respectively. After this run muffet. You may have 'cat /srv/slov.dat' running to view output for manual commands, but do not have it running if you run muffet or muffet will hang.

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