pokemon crystal clear 2.4.4



i've been like playing pokemon. I'ma talk about it here for some reason


Starting out. Starting is the hardest isn't it? We picked our appearance in this version. That's cool right? First I should say I'm playing this on ps vita, using a bubble maker. This has some... Interesting side effects. To get the version I am using then I'll assume you have a ps vita running enzo or something else able to install vpk. A clean pokemon crystal rom bubble An unclean crystal clear rom bubble I'm going to do something weird. Ima start a clean crystal save then switch the save data into crystal clear to see if event flags for team rocket and such still work in crystal clear. New char Girl Alice. It's time to begin your pokemon adventure. Wake up then move toward the stairs then game swap! I don't know if it's surprising or not. But the game whited out. Well. Lets do a crystal clear save then. This has far more setup choices. Firstly we spawn in goldenrod green's model with alternian skin and deep purple hair. Alice. With a seel starter. Goldenrod is a nice city to start. We can pick up eevee straight away next door over. We can go to the north gate and get kenya for access to fly. We also go with seel because that gives us swim right from the start. This gives us a good base for exploring this new world without needing to go through the wilderness. Next we head north to the park to find us a snorelax (grab that mystery berry on the way up. Pp up berry is nice.) Random aside - isn't it weird that every explanation of pokemon game always starts with talking about how 1: how big a franchise it is, and 2 how every intricate detail of combat works? Like I get it it's popular. But also doesn't that also mean that "How to play pokemon" is redundant? OH fire is weak to water!? WHO KNEW?! Anyway. After collecting kenya we are going to attempt flipping. Should we? No. No we shouldn't. Look... I was going to talk about it and do it at the same time, but honestly I don't want to go through it again. It was creepy enough the first time. I went to a pokemon center. Upstairs. This is a room that the mod should have done very little changes to so it's pretty safe place to switch over, at least in my head. So I loaded my crystal clear save in crystal. The ladies who run the trading were... Pokemon. We went down stairs then back up and it went back to normal. No issues. Cool. So then I went exploring. There are some strange places you can get to. Other worlds. Depending on where the save was and what's there. Eventually I came back things were broken so we went back to the pokemon center to get back into a clean crystal clear save. But. When I got back the girls had turned into grey men. I ignored it and went down stairs to come back up and hopefully see it restored. But I couldn't climb up the stairs. There was something blocking me. I experimented a little and found something blocking all the squares I used to move between maps. A gray man. Following me. Blocking my way back. Only forward. I was scared so I talked to the nurse. She said there was a problem with my save file and she could fix it. .

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