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So the main project, the main thing, the central thing. It has been in my mind a long time, and is super multifaceted I guess it's a life in a way. For now what we can do. What we have access to right now, is getting the limited devices I have up and working. Get them modifiable. They need to run a common OS. For now that is going to Void or as close as I can get to it. For the phone and watch for now android is going to be where they are, but we need to increase communication with them. So we have: Desktop - Myugii Laptop - Mira Phone - Sputnik Old phone - Watch - Tablet Rpi3 RpiZw RpiZw Espxxxx ... Ps vita Switch CRT CRT SmartTV I would like literally all these devices to operate within the same ecosystem. It's very very annoying to me that they don't. The vision is the most obvious one. Take a picture on the phone, throw it to the CRT. Take a video feed from camera attached to a pi and stream it on the switch. Play a game on the laptop using the vita as a remote, while it plays video stored on the desktop. There is literally no reason why this isn't possible, technologically speaking. It's frustrating how many small roadblocks there are between that vision and making that vision reality. Each one of these devices has it's own SDK, and process to get it up and running. Currently both Jakarutu and Mira have void Linux. I like using xbps. But if I'm going to be serious about using it I need to set up my own repo. I'm going to need to create some packages, so doing it the proper xbps-src way would be nice. Making a nice metapackage for each of the devices I have that includes all the packages I like sounds like a super sane way of handling provisioning. Making Jakarutu a certificate authority and having build server, webserver etc. seems logical as well. Targeting the vita as a first on the block seems like a good choice, but I'm not totally sold. The tablet I have is a kindle fire. OG first gen. It's a fairly hackable device, with old hardware. If I can make that thing run as a smart display for my pc then we are basically well - WELL - on our way to the dream. Because it's such an old device I don't have to feel too stressed if I screw something up, unlike with the vita, where a screwup would be very sad. Also since it's an arm processor it would necessitate having a decent cross compiling setup, which is actually a good thing in terms of being a good benchmark. It's a pretty silly thing to do, but it would also get the device that's essentially furthest in the grave in the spotlight and getting life breathed back into it. If it works that is. Without doing this, the device is essentially a paperweight. I was never happy about the amount of power it had, it's down right slow. So getting a lightweight Linux running on it will be a good demo of what we are really looking at in terms of performance gains. This is going to also determine if we really want to stick with Linux. Technically we can use xbps even if we don't use Linux, if we port xbps to something else. Xbps for plan9 might be a truly interesting route. Lets not get a head of ourselves tho. That is an alternate route to look if Linux doesn't run well on the kindle fire. A name I feel is a really important thing, but I don't know if I have one for this. I don't want to give it one name then take it back and do a different one. I will if a more perfect name comes around, obviously, but I'd like to start of with a name I like. I'll have to think about it. For now I need to take a nap, then we will see about trying to get a basic build environment set up for kindle fire. Then see about putting that in xbps-src? Maybe see about getting an xbps-src repo set up on Jakarutu first. So many things... But I guess it's one foot in front of the other. .

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