regarding this place, it's utility and construction.



Originally based on [oscean], we rebuilt the static site generator from the ground up first targeting [muffet]. Plans to target md and html are on the back burner for now. Gopher is off the table. There are too many weird extentions for it and personally I don't like how gophermaps look. Yes I'm very opinionated.

The goals are pretty similar to what they have been as far as this site is concerned. It's useful for my cyclical nature to be able to return to various writings and the incredibly interconnected nature allows different walks through the tree each time. Take some time and follow a tag then a child then an incoming link. It could be fun. Anyway, I don't really expect too many people to find much utility here, but there are some writings I find interesting on the [newgate] and [oldgate] gates, each of them containing writings made during version 2 and 1 respectively. [Heavy] is a kind of psudolinear lightnovel which is still incomplete but could be fun (nsfw warning).

If you are a plan9 newb there are also a few pages which could be useful, [euphoria] has some info about setting up a raspberry pi, which is probably out of date and incomplete and there is also a page about using certbot on linux and setting up the cert in [newcert].

If you are an anime fan, and specifically into shonen you might want to checkout my my hero academia abridgement which is vastly superiour to the [my_hero]

incoming references