light novel dump picture
BA2115 — light novel dump


a sorta lightnovel that takes place in a tenra bansho like setting



laying in bed the room dark except for a few red and green blinks from electronic devices here and there in corners of the room.

cyber act0

this shit is hard to write which is why i ignored it to start with. i don't like that shit and it makes me miserable but it's important i think to really point to where cyber's apathy toward lir family comes from.

yolokunsimp act0

keeping up with these bitches as always work.

first night

what's wrong yuki? now that we're together alone you are getting cold feet?

yolo dream

___reality broken___ this fragment is a dead timeline.

day 1

how are you all finding yourselves here? everything satisfactory?


cyber couldn't help feeling outclassed

is this ok

your situation, is it what you really want?


uue have said before that it's for "the future" as if such a thing exists.

incoming(3): chaos directory made in abyss