___reality broken___ this fragment is a dead timeline.



What gender are you? Noncommittal shrug The worst joke I ever told. Well Cyber laughed. "Ya you do have pancakes on the brain" lal let go and pat Yuki on her lack of breasts. "You got the message?" " ya 'flat is justice' right?" Cyber still giggling at lir friends choice for what to send. "Ok you try to send something to me that way." "Ok" Cyber put lir hands back on Yuki's and sent lir own message, using an image rather than text. "Oh ya, I deserve that." Yuki's response. "Well?" lal said expectantly. "Megamilk.png" Yuki with false annoyance. "I'm not sure how useful this is really. Since we have to be touching." Yuki added. "Well we don't know if that's true. You were able to feel my pain without touching me, so maybe this is why that happened." Cyber speculating. "Ok then." Yuki getting up and pulling her robe over her naked body. "Let's see if I can send you a message from over here." she continued. "Alright." Cyber sitting expectantly. Yuki tried to do the same thing as before. "Hmm. I'm not sure if it's working." she said after some seconds. "You already sent it?" Cyber not having received any message. "Ya. You didn't get it right? It doesn't feel the same way as it did when we were touching." she kept focusing on sending the message, and tried to reach out to Cyber this time through the sha. ___reality broken___ this fragment is a dead timeline.--- Two lonely and broken souls having the time of their lives "Oh wait. I think I am getting it. 'lets all love lain'. It did feel different. Kinda slower and washing through my body rather than just being there all at once." "It works then... I had to feel for you through the sha in a way I think. " "Let me try too. " Yuki nodded feeling for the message that Cyber was attempting to sent to her. Cyber had no trouble sending the message through the sha to Yuki. "Homura did nothing wrong. It's not untrue..." Yuki said after getting the message, then came back over to the futon taking the robe back off and resting in Cybers lap, back pressed against lir front. Cyber wrapped lir arms around Yuki. -i guess we really don't need words to communicate anymore- Yuki 'said' communicating more than just the words, but the strong feelings of happiness and peace along with them. -I've heard that old couples in our old world would learn to communicate whole conversations with a glance, but that doesn't have anything on this.- agreement and understanding along with the lexical information. -we probably need to tell Yolo about all this stuff sooner rather than later but he's probably asleep at this time tho- -ya, I wonder if we can still connect to him anyway, through the sha.- Cyber's curiosity felt infectious. -well I guess we can try anyway. - Yolo was torn from his sleep as a hole opened up under him swallowing everything to his awareness. He doesn't quite remember where he had been but now he found himself alone in a black void. It's always been a black void. Who were Cyber and Yuki. A voice from the back of his mind? No it wasn't the back of his mind it was a voice from somewhere else. Somewhere someone completely different. So was he always here then? Or was this a place a new place he had been drug to. By whom? Lilian? Why? Or was it a dream. He didn't know. And neither do i. "Who is Cyber" Cyber? Why are you asking about Cyber? Lal is Cyber and Cyber is lal. A simpler person'd say "Cyber is Cyber" Another voice. How many were here? "You don't want to know" and that itself is more than an answer. But less than the truth. "You don't want to tell me" "That too" "Who is Yuki" Ask her. "You mean ask him?" chiding. What is even meant by him in that context. What is him. The one who penetrates? The one who throws? The one who goes away? The one who doesn't give a shit? The one who suffers alone when no suffering is needed? The one who is a bitch for no god damned reason? People these days are more used to narratives which have layers of irony stacked on top of each other like symbolism sandwiches. The human mind most of the time stops [conveniently we might add]at the author. Clearly the human author knew what it was that they were doing. Otherwise why would they do it? It would be crazy to think that there is some other kind of no physical entity pilot the meat human body like some kind of giant mecha and telling their story through the flesh and blood host body. Is that body Yuki? This body has desires to be like Cyber in spirit and body., but is much more like Yuki. "Yuki is a rapist" "Yuki is a child abuser" "Yuki is a sex addict" "Yuki is a slave to passion" "Yuki doesn't care about anyone but Yuki" Why the fuck are you harping on about Yuki so much? Yolo feeling somewhat annoyed at the situation, and the fact that even if any or all of it's true ? (rapist? Child abuser? ) what's that got to do with him. Both Yuki and Cyber are together and in this world even if Yuki were a "Child rapist" and the child she was raping was Cyber, it's only rape if Cyber deems it such and Cyber could easily defend lirself. "No no no. It's not a blunt rape of ape which he practices. It's the slow rape of the mind, confusing emotions providing answers which bend a tree off vertical over years." This metaphor flashed an image in Yolo's mind of his own up bringing. The school system he had been exposed to his whole life. The facts of life so callously repeated, facts which never changed. Could never change. History which painted every hero in the contrasting hues of both fame and infamy in turn disillusionment to the past. It was a static past. True only in that everyone believed it. Continued to believe it even after being shown that it wasn't true. That system was about creating a stable loop. Something that wouldn't ever change. Something that could be the same forever. It required lies because you couldn't build something eternal out of the truth . The truth was too messy. Too real. Too much nuance. Too much room for interpretation. Facts were only as good as their interpretation. And the interpretations is what the school system had provided. And that pattern of bending minds so they interpret all the facts the same way was "The same" as the "Rape" that Yuki was supposedly doing to Cyber? If that were the case then what about what had happened to all of them? They all had been raised in a system like that. That system was clearly the "Rapist" it was clearly the "Child abuser" "That system is Yuki." Even if that were true what's it got to do with me. : you have been raped by Yuki, will you allow "Her" to rape another?: We don't really think any of this is really you know that . You know that this body is highly skeptical of all that shit. It just likes to sleep and it wants to feel useful but lacks the actual motivation? No the drive to /be/ useful. Being useful at all to anyone is easy. But that's really not what we are interested in or going for what we are interested in is being useful [fullstop] and in order to do that we need to know where we are in history. Where humanity is going, determine if that is a good direction, and then throw our pebble (as small as it might be) where it needs to go to effect change. And after the pebble is thrown then what? What's the point of persisting after the throw? I guess we are waiting for the echoes off the back wall or something like that. As of now we are just treading water. We are just trying not to drown. Writing isn't cool. Because nobody reads anymore. Because reading is too slow. I wonder if we practiced reading fast if it would be in the long run faster than audio and such. Well for information and things like that I think it might be. If all you are interested in is data input there might be a better audio visual method flashing thematically connected ideas and such along with mnemonic audio Creating such sequences It's very time consuming. It takes a lot of organization. And the person who is making the thing is not ever going to be able to properly benefit from it because the time involved with creation it so much and the amount of information needed to create it in the first place is more than the sequence will distill. Only Yolo remembered this and only as a dream .

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