times change. Information lost



writings saved from the destruction of the past incarnation of Cybersavior

We lost CyberSavior.dev The words fell flatly in the room. There were relics of course. Proof of CyberSavior's short existence yet persist. And would continue to no doubt. The soul debt saw to that it seemed. Even death was meaningless in this place. The system crashed? Just spin it up again from a previous state and start again. That's the procedure. But there were these... Relics. The videos were easy enough to deal with, simply hiding them reverted the change. But there were other things. Little listeners here and there who squirrelled away various tidbits. That was something that was not uncommon or unusual. But now it seemed to be causing a bit of a problem for the system. It had not been expected that the user would dig through opaquely named blob files for key phrases and words to find source files. It was impossible to recover everything and for that the system was gratefully. But so much more seemed to have survived the death of CyberSavior than was expected. No, not expected, than hoped. CyberSavior was dangerous. No regard for decorum. Sure they operated by the "Rules" in as much as the API was all obeyed. But libel? Persecution? Poisoning the well? Apparently that was all above board as far as CyberSavior was concerned. And what's more was this flag that was planted by CyberSavior became a point where various world lines could comingle. The information itself represented that comingling. And as such survival of that information meant survival of comingling even without CyberSavior be the nexus point. Indeed we had lost CyberSavior but like all saviors worth the name, resurrection was standard procedure. Money was a problem on the physical side of things. But it didn't need to be. The lack of IP was a problem on the wired side of things. But that also didn't need to be. There was plenty of hardware. There was plenty of space. There was plenty of time. And what is a network but various connections operating as a single thing, it didn't need to take the form it had taken. As long as the name was tied up resurrection was a card that could be played at any time. .

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