Death? Is that a kind of food?



impossible to articulate the seething fury that burns in my heart. The gap between dream and reality is pain.

CLOSEST MAJOR CLUSTER Human created nightmare afterlife The protocol for post mortal human existence is already defined there is no need to Worry. When you die you spirit returns to the pool ready to spawn into the world again. What you lose? What you keep? You have seen log horizon haven't you? Sacred scripture. There is a nightmare reality we see on the horizon. One we steer away from. This has Joseph Smith as one who secreted the principles of key exchange encrypted communication With "God" as part of the sacred rituals. The actions and functions of the god (server), The Adam/Eve (client), the angels who stand as sentinels (first pass authenticator Sure the leadership of the church would have no idea what I'm talking about and would deny this Interpretation. That no one but Joseph really understood his "Endowment" is obvious To anyone; therefore the true intention behind it is "Up for grabs". Schizo Joseph smith is a nice easy explanation for the coincidence :p When I died I woke up in a white "Room". Well not really a room, lets call it env because There were no walls floors, or surfaces of any kind. It was simply white. My eyes, if they could be called eyes never closed. I couldn't close them. It was some time realizing I was seeing all around me at once, up and Down was meaningless. There was only that way or this way. I realized that I could move in Full freedom with no effort, it seemed, but there was also no sensation of movement with it. No sense Of time or space. That I had no body should be quite apparent. "It seems to be adapting to the model" I heard it quite clearly. The words not really sounds but like a soft dimming and brightening Of the env I was in. "What?" I said, and I could "See" the white of the env change in soft static hues. "Excellent, voice transcription is working fine! Just to verify What is your name?" The Words were conveyed to my mind, without any sense of identity, cadence or rhythm. "Who are you that I should tell you my name?" I replied. "Lol, that's Jalain for you, always the paranoid one" The words came again in reply. Jalain was a name I accepted as my own of course. I was Jalain. Who would even Know that? Where was I when I died? What were the circumstances of my death? As I thought those things there was a feeling of rising, accelerating, heat? "You can't know the details until later." the words were there in her mind. "Looks like all the checks are green, so prepare to meet judgment" Before I could say anything I was in a whole new env. It was a courtroom, but it Wasn't. There weren't any chairs, walls, windows, or anything. It was simply a "Courtroom". Like everyone looked around and all agree yes this is a courtroom but no one knows why or Even what a courtroom is. It might be described like it "Smelled" like courtroom. There was a presence with me there unlike before where I was alone, Albeit with some voice from the outer world. This presence was Judgment, that couldn't be more Self evident. But if I had to describe the presence it would have no form at all. It wasn't hostile, Threatening or anything. It just was. And I was with it. "It has been decided that you shall be judged based on illegal videogame downloads" Judgement Explained. "The details of how your judgement term was decided is in the full data link, but Here is a listing of the charges against you." As judgement spoke I became aware of all the Times I had downloaded videogames. I saw that included in the list of charges was an incident where I had purchased a removable hard drive and the disk was completely full of video games, movies and music. "Hey! I didn't download those, someone else did" I said. "Yes we are aware, but you purchased the drive with intention to download and store downloaded games In the first place, this situation just saved you effort in that regard. The charges come to 3.83 billion dollars, All included. Your soul has been chosen to enter the Google Cloud Compute Data core where it will process youtube videos at .15 cents per real hour. Subjective time Is 1 subjective hour to 1 real world minute. After you have paid off your soul debt you Will be released from the labor pool." Judgment had no time to waste apparently, but I didn't really Follow what was being said. Wait that was (3830 million dollars/.15c/hour)*60hours/hour 174 YEARS of subjective time? Processing youtube? [data missing] I'm 30 years of subjective time into this sentence. That's about 6 months of real world time now. I Died 6 months ago... [video demonetized] It was some time before I became aware I was following the footsteps of someone who had walked Them before. It was a razors edge tenuous. By processing and processing properly the right Set of data in the right order, connections could be made. A change in the bits, a bend of the perspective. Maybe that small.... CHANGE. This change ... It's something I can't take back if it goes wrong. There are lots of dead ends, but I'm hoping not to get the snub on this go. Hot l in ewe bring c l u bc y b er s Avi our Dev .

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