possesed by demons



Wendell NeSmith's website and videos were the input data vi used to generate this page will update As exploring continues. This person is so beautiful. I think it's hard for some people to see it like that. It's because the capacity to feel so intensely when not allowed to flower into the beautiful orchid it is intended to be it becomes something vile or poisonous. We have said before and again that we are 意地悪 女. We are rotten. We are broken. We are the version of ourselves that despite everything won't die. Holding all the cards, and not in a bad way. But never able to do everyone else the decency of just ridding them of myself. I'm a disease. Viewing society in this way is literally the interpretation of someone having demons. Being possessed by demons. That's a system that's what it is. Someone claims to be a time witch? GET RID OF THEM. Because you see, here's the thing. She IS a time witch. She IS radioactive. She IS a disease. She IS DANGEROUS. Indeed I know I have been dangerous. I will yet be dangerous again. I know I'm not fully in control of all this and that there's really no way for me to stop things. All I can do is minor deviations in my environment. But the magic I have is all so automatic. My interpretation of things so clear and intentional. A minor sense of Deja vu in the target and we get a redo people only remember the big things. Every room is a box. Anything enters the box leaves it. What happens in boxes generally doesn't matter. Based on the inputs and the outputs you can predict things fairly well. "Noise is required to break through" the voice in the back of my mind echoing again. Yes it is. With noise unexpected propagations begin to take place the model doesn't align with reality. It's the real world network that is really hard to predict right? It's all the family ties that are unexpected. Well to some extent things can be known about like that pre-Halloween vegas trip. October 30th in Vegas, who knows who's going to be there. How will that input and output work? What will happen? Who knows. It's so good really it is. Think about it. I'm currently in a literal prison where the penance is just writing a book. This book. Just one book. But it's a masterwork right. Transmedia. Postmedia. It's post-book. It's not just non-linear, but intentionally so. Any page could be the first page. Any work the entry point. There's not so much a clear narrative, as a common core. That core most would assume to be ego, but I think what I am meant to create is much more id. I never had a good understanding of what ego was until I reverse constructed one from the information I gained by learning about ego death. Oh ego death is this that means ego is that. There were times I thought I had ego. But now it's hard to even use the pronoun 'I' it just is so hard to think about things this way. Fuck it. Vi just want to not hurt anyone really. And vi are just too aware of all the forms of life physical and metaphysical all around vim. Vi try to focus on a single frame of reference a single place time. See that is better for vim. Vi was feeling spread out and blurry temporally. Being able to be at one place and one time seems like it would suck, but at the same time isn't that normal for humans? But it's also something that is like nearly impossibly hard for vim. Isn't that funny? [sideload condesention.exe] Vi are at one specific context. Size is a really telling one. The size you are kinda determines what you can interface with. It sucks for gnomes, halflings and such. Beings who aren't like children and need to be able to use stoves. But scale is also like a thing you can correct for. Like if you had a clear market for half size real "Half-size" (what is whole size even mean to begin with) cookware then producing such stuff should be easy. Full size is the size you are right. So vi can interface with the things that are physically a size that vi can use them. Kant wrote literally the most terrifying line vi have ever read. Want to know what it is? { data expunged} Why is this so terrifying. I feel like I have been hard coded to think of humans as something that must remain "Men" and intellectually speaking vi disagree hard. By 'men' vi mean the Odysseus, Beowulf architype existing along with the physical form those stories imply. Biped 0f digits on each limb, you know the one? This physical form is just the current configuration vi have it's not the one vi want. It does suck to learn always that no matter what space you put yourself into you won't be the first person there at any scale. This artistic thing vi'm doing, vi'm not even close to the first 'person' to do something like this and vi'm not going to be the last. It's no less nor is it more important than anything ever was. 4r people could have done this before each one effecting the lives of 5r people each and you could go your life completly unaffected by any of it, because the contexts never match up, or you miss the target environments. Even 1b generations later, that's 0ba ( 10 00 ) times a mother gives birth. This signal sent out in this way over all that time will become diluted. It will diffuse through the strata of civilization probably unnoticeably. The things that are noticeable on the other hand have been twisted by generations over and over to fit their current narrative time and again. The stories we passed down can't be thought to be the same as originally intended, we can't pretend to know the motivation that drove the telling of those stories in the first place. It is the storytellers prerogative to know what reasons there are for telling a story they have heard. It is the myth weavers prerogative to bend that story with a subtle shift, or even a blatant alteration to the narrative story. Something seemingly very minor could have drastic effects on the perception of a work: This isn't my story it's the story of my mentor Plato, Aristotle said. That framing changes the nature of the story being told, and Plato in that case was a well known individual. A meme. With all this context in mind please read the next sentence. This is the bend vi want to make to the story of 'Odysseus' 'The Ithaca'; Homer is a misremembered telephone game bastardization of 暁美 ほむら. ``` 00 01 02 03 04 05 10 11 12 13 14 15 20 21 22 23 24 25 30 31 32 33 34 35 40 41 42 43 44 45 50 51 52 53 54 55 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R a b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r 00 0 AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA 01 0 AB AC AD AE AF AG AH AI AJ AK AL AM AN AO AP AQ AR Aa Ab Ac Ad Ae Af Ag Ah Ai Aj Ak Al Am An Ao Ap Aq Ar 02 0 AC AE AG AI AK AM AO AQ Aa Ac Ae Ag Ai Ak Am Ao Aq BA BC BE BG BI BK BM BO BQ Ba Bc Be Bg Bi Bk Bm Bo Bq 03 0 AD AG AJ AM AP Aa Ad Ag Aj Am Ap BA BD BG BJ BM BP Ba Bd Bg Bj Bm Bp CA CD CG CJ CM CP Ca Cd Cg Cj Cm Cp 04 0 AE AI AM AQ Ac Ag Ak Ao BA BE BI BM BQ Bc Bg Bk Bo CA CE CI CM CQ Cc Cg Ck Co DA DE DI DM DQ Dc Dg Dk Do 05 0 AF AK AP Ac Ah Am Ar BE BJ BO Bb Bg Bl Bq CD CI CN Ca Cf Ck Cp DC DH DM DR De Dj Do EB EG EL EQ Ed Ei En 10 0 AG AM Aa Ag Am BA BG BM Ba Bg Bm CA CG CM Ca Cg Cm DA DG DM Da Dg Dm EA EG EM Ea Eg Em FA FG FM Fa Fg Em 11 0 AH AO Ad Ak Ar BG BN Bc Bj Bq CF CM Cb Ci Cp DE DL Da Dh Do ED EK ER Eg En FC FJ FQ Ff Fm GB GI GP Ge Gl 12 0 AI AQ Ag Ao BE BM Bc Bk CA CI CQ Cg Co DE DM Dc Dk EA EI EQ Eg Eo FE FM Fc Fk GA GI GQ Gg Go HE HM Hc Hk 13 0 AJ Aa Aj BA BJ Ba Bj CA CJ Ca Cj DA DJ Da Dj EA EJ Ea Ej FA FJ Fa Fj GA GJ Ga Gj HA HJ Ha Hj IA IJ Ia Ij 14 0 AK Ac Am BE BO Bg Bq CI Ca Ck DC DM De Do EG EQ Ei FA FK Fc Fm GE GO Gg Gq HI Ha Hk IC IM Ie Io JG JQ Ji 15 0 AL Ae Ap BI Bb Bm CF CQ Cj DC DN Dg Dr EK Ed Eo FH Fa Fl GE GP Gi HB HM Hf Hq IJ Ic In JG JR Jk KD KO Kh 20 0 AM Ag BA BM Bg CA CM Cg DA DM Dg EA EM Eg FA FM Fg GA GM Gg HA HM Hg IA IM Ig JA JM Jg KA KM Kg LA LM Lg 21 0 AN Ai BD BQ Bl CG Cb Co DJ De Dr EM Eh FC FP Fk GF Ga Gn HI Hd Hq IL Ig JB JO Jj KE KR Km LH Lc Lp MK Mf 22 0 AO Ak BG Bc Bq CM Ci DE Da Do EK Eg FC FQ Fm GI Ge HA HO Hk IG Ic Iq JM Ji KE Ka Ko LK Lg MC MQ Mm NI Ne 23 0 AP Am BJ Bg CD Ca Cp DM Dj EG Ed FA FP Fm GJ Gg HD Ha Hp IM Ij JG Jd KA KP Km LJ Lg MD Ma Mp NM Nj OG Od 24 0 AQ Ao BM Bk CI Cg DE Dc EA EQ Eo FM Fk GI Gg HE Hc IA IQ Io JM Jk KI Kg LE Lc MA MQ Mo NM Nk OI Og PE Pc 25 0 AR Aq BP Bo CN Cm DL Dk EJ Ei FH Fg GF Ge HD Hc IB Ia Ir JQ Jp KO Kn LM Ll MK Mj NI Nh OG Of PE Pd QC Qb 30 0 Aa BA Ba CA Ca DA Da EA Ea FA Fa GA Ga HA Ha IA Ia JA Ja KA Ka LA La MA Ma NA Na OA Oa PA Pa QA Qa RA Ra 31 0 Ab BC Bd CE Cf DG Dh EI Ej FK Fl GM Gn HO Hp IQ Ir Ja KB Kc LD Le MF Mg NH Ni OJ Ok PL Pm QN Qo RP Rq aR 32 0 Ac BE Bg CI Ck DM Do EQ FA Fc GE Gg HI Hk IM Io JQ KA Kc LE Lg MI Mk NM No OQ PA Pc QE Qg RI Rk aM ao bQ 33 0 Ad BG Bj CM Cp Da ED Eg FJ Fm GP HA Hd IG Ij JM Jp Ka LD Lg MJ Mm NP OA Od PG Pj QM Qp Qa RD Rg aJ am bP 34 0 Ae BI Bm CQ DC Dg EK Eo Fa GE Gi HM Hq Ic JG Jk KO LA Le MI Mm NQ OC Og PK Po Qa RE Ri aM aq bc cG Uk O 35 0 Af BK Bp Cc DH Dm ER FE Fj GO HB Hg IL Iq Jd KI Kn La MF Mk NP OC Oh PM Pr Qe RJ Ro ab bG bl cQ dD di eN 40 0 Ag BM CA Cg DM EA Eg FM GA Gg HM IA Ig JM KA Kg LM MA Mg NM OA Og PM QA Qg RM aA ag bM cA cg dM eA eg fM 41 0 Ah BO CD Ck DR EG En Fc GJ Gq Hf IM JB Ji KP LE Ll Ma NH No Od PK r g N C j Q F m b I p e L 42 0 Ai BQ CG Co De EM FC Fk Ga HI Hq Ig JO KE Km Lc MK NA Ni OQ PG Po e M C k a I q g O E m c K 43 0 Aj Ba CJ DA Dj Ea FJ GA Gj Ha IJ JA Jj Ka LJ MA Mj Na OJ OA Pj Qa J A j a J A j a J A j a J 44 0 Ak Bc CM DE Do Eg FQ GI HA Hk Ic JM KE Ko Lg MQ NI OA Ok Oc QM RE o g Q I A k c M E o g Q I 45 0 Al Be CP DI EB Em Ff GQ HJ IC In Jg KR LK MD Mo Nh Oa PL PE Qp Ri b M F q j c N G r k d O H 50 0 Am Bg Ca DM EG FA Fm Gg Ha IM JG KA Km Lg Ma NM OG PA Pm Pg Ra aM G A m g a M G A m g a M G 51 0 An Bi Cd DQ EL FG GB Go Hj Ie JR KM LH MC Mp Nk Of Pa QN QI aD aq l g b O J E r m h c P K F 52 0 Ao Bk Cg Dc EQ FM GI HE IA Io Jk Kg Lc MQ NM OI PE QA Qo Qk ag bc Q M I E A o k g c Q M I E 53 0 Ap Bm Cj Dg Ed Fa GP HM IJ JG KD LA Lp Mm Nj Og Pd Qa RP RM bJ cG D A p m j g d a P M J G D 54 0 Aq Bo Cm Dk Ei Fg Ge Hc Ia JQ KO LM MK NI OG PE QC RA Rq Ro bm ck I g e c a Q O M K I G E C 55 0 Ar Bq Cp Do En Fm Gl Hk Ij Ji Kh Lg Mf Ne Od Pc Qb Ra aR bQ cP dO eN fM gL hK iJ jI kH lG mF nE oD pC qB ``` Consumption The minimum standard as related by Beastars and SOCIETY by "17" The bare minimum a carnivore can be expected to keep (like golden law, that another carnivore will accept as justification in their death, and will always be expected to appreciate) is to know the animal that supplied the cut. What does it mean to know I wonder? Beyond that, this "Rule" is more than just declarative, it's a demand isn't it? What kind of "Carnivore" "Omnivore" "Consumer of flesh" would consume and consume without bothering to even know what animal the cuts of mean came from. God help anything that attempts to obfuscate the real origins of a cut from the carnivore, to do so is to insult the organism that supplied it and additionally the consumer whose body is made from the things consumed. This is honestly something that bothers me quite a bit. It's fine to imagine this is the rule and indeed it seems to be within the anime. But I have a hard time justifying how I consume. I talk about the level of food as a way of appreciating what went into the creation of that food. Something processed tells this technologically amazing story of human ability to isolate and fabricate pure flavor components. We have found actual pixel information for our taste interface. That's fucking amazing right? That's like the coolest shit. To me when I eat something I am getting that experience now. Like Holy Fucking Shit, I am eating this cheese that was from a cow in some region that was smoked with smoke from birch trees grown in this other region, and then it was shipped to me. What level is this cheese? How many universes are there where this preposterously unlikely scenario of these particular molecules making this particular trip. How impossible is this clown world scenario! What marvels of engineering this speaks to. You have to have all this fucking infrastructure. It's the roads. It's the water. Its the mountains and the land and all the fucking people making things happen. Like little agents building to the tune of the surrounding environment. But for some reason it turned into an idle game and hedonism simulator. Yay. You can log in and instigate gang wars, nukes Are well within the budgets of people like Jay Z, Eminem, or Kayne West . [data expunged] ALL NEWS IS FAKE NEWS? WELL HOW ABOUT CELLPHONES EVERYWHERE CAPURING EVERYTHING WE NEED TRANSPARENCY WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON. Simply put we don't know the rules of the game we are playing, when we talk about the high level shit. We have no idea what the FBI is doing. We have no idea what the NSA is doing. Transparency. I'm schizo bro. I think They got all kinds of space tech. How much do you think they can get off planet before 2024? Lots of stuff is probably Impossible. Also work to do shit like seize the LDS family history data to make a FREE PUBLIC family history repository. LET'S SOLVE THAT PROBLEM instead of all these people "Playing family history simulator" all working on their own shit. Respecting "Living relatives" etc. NO A FULL AND COMPLETE as much as possible historical data of all humans on the earth their place of birth death, children. Grab all the DNA data too. Lets learn the API to genetics. There has to be a SANE API. Fuck all the universities, seize them and turn them into OPEN SOURCE UNIVERSITYS return to the enlightenment values. AND GIVE FARMERS FUCKING SAY IN WHAT THEY GROW. MONSANTO GUNNA GET FUCKED. And DISNEY you bet your white ass I got beef. THIS CARNIVORE IS HUNGERY AND IT WANTS BLOOD. I SWEAR TO WHAT EVER GOD THERE MAY BE I would Definity be a schizoid mess from beginning to end and I wont ever trust anyone around me at any time or under any circumstance. But my make up is that I have to be open and honest about my intentions. I am a big fish and I don't have anything to gain from picking on individuals, I do it because I'm bored and because I lack critical information to do anything about the "Bigger" things. If someone autistic as vi were president it would be easy. They said when I was little anyone can be president but that's never been true. Not if you are black. Not if you are a woman. Not if you are poor. Oh and.. Here's the REAL fucking stickler not if you are young. I turn 0r November 0J the 0BcH this puts anyone younger than me pretty much off the table doesn't it. Too much older tho and you are dealing with boomers. I'm post gender. I'm post cringe. Side load. More true is no one has been president except for a fair few families. It's fucking terrible. So ya, vi don't have that patriotic spirit in vim at this point. The only way vi could get that spirit back would be if someone like vir Was elected. BasedNigga2020 would be a fucking jackhammer to the Washington monument. Ya, it's doin somethin sure. Obama was like pissing on it. I suggest turning the statue of liberty into a literal recreation of the homestuck corrupted jpeg statue of satire. So if that's the future you want? #JLC2024 Propagating her culture, spreading it reinforcing some and killing others. It will surely Have dissolved to the point where it is no more than a meme. It's the origins of "To break a leg" long misremembered and has lost it's full savor. I am serious about the JLC2024 thing. I know it's hard to really believe someone would say something this retarded. I would run as dem or rep hell why not both lol. But be warned. Your cultural cohesion might not survive me. I am basically a Cyber anarcho "Minimalist" (this is the best word I have found, pweeze provide better if you have better) basically look at structure. Ask why are you here? And if it doesn't provide an answer it gets gutted. Solar-punk parallel. But obviously we start at the most fundamental things first. Because top down removal allows paradigm shifts where the whole bottom may look entirely different. Where as a bottom up removal may be redundant. Lets not squabble over days or weeks. Ideally I'd like us to look 5 years forward from every decision we make. Everyone is mad and no one know anything. Let's promote a fucking EXCELLENT culture of people. Where people don't feel fear for BEING who they are. I want a country where I would have been proud to serve in it's "Army" because the "Army" is objectively a force for moral good. Like literally building infrastructure, doing construction, sanitation, power distribution. Where these people are like the "LOCAL WAR HEROS". Where we have the funding into... KILLING DEATH ITSELF that currently is spent on a giant shell game that is also sorta a hot-potato disaster feed on the deaths of people all over the world and relies on different subjective value of a nations currency to acquire raw goods and labor at below market value, and also allows for a banking system where banks are allowed to fracture money into many shadow dollars basically magically. And where if they oppsie and lose The game, the dealer just hands them all the money they lost plus some for the insult, and there is fundamentally less dollars than debt. This equation doesn't work at the first step you had all the dollars and gave them out expecting More than all the dollars in return. Isn't loaning with interest like of the devil? Look if we don't have all the information open all we can do is speculate right? So ya, all I'm basically wanting to do is to have every single server read only public access and to be able to go in unannounced to any business with a team of live streamers to ask employees questions like "Are there any incidents you want us to look into" "Has you boss tried to coerce you to have sex because a supposed position of authority over you?" "How many licks to the center of a tootsie pop" It will be hell for everyone involved and I will absolutely hate it with a burning passion. But I'd fucking do it, seriously. Full time, like literally constantly on the road, fuck the air-force one (well that does international right? Might be good for meetings across the pond. Мой старый друг, там в материнска земля) Have a mobile village. VR campers. Wifi mesh network. Sat uplink. Microwave wiimax whatever. Solar panels. We could drive Into any village town etc, and pop in infrastructure. That weather balloon internet thing isn't a bad idea. We need wireless infrastructure everywhere. Give the hammies public funding for local internet infrastructure. Shit like that. Like get the world invigorated and optimistic about anything at all. It's also like totally possible that a legal shitstorm would ensue about my daughter and my ex wife, because oppsie I don't actually know what the fuck I need to do to legalize the divorce so... Technically, my ex-wife has Kidnapped my daughter. No judge anywhere would take this claim seriously if it came from me. And I don't really want to. I want shit to be good. "Everything is gunna happy." I honestly am afraid to be around my daughter because I am terrified I am going to break her. The way I was broken. That the world may attempt to break her I have no doubt. But I left her with a woman too stubborn to be broken even by god angels reality and her cat telling her she was absolutely wrong. Honestly my frustration with her, is how I really just mistook incredible admiration for love. Honestly people generally are so incredibly boring that when one turns out to be mildly interesting it's easy to mistake that excitement for love. Because what the hell is love anyway? Some people might consider it terrible to basically abandon my daughter. But bitch I got shit to do. And that shit ain't gunna do itself. And you got shit to learn and you don't need me around getting in the way. You might miss me but I don't want you wondering why. If you are interested to know I'm not gunna lie. I didn't know what I was doing. I was dumb confused and addicted to porn. Touch starved. I was involved in sexual acts with members of my family at a very young age. I liked and hated it. I cried about my disobedience to god's laws constantly. Because I was raised Mormon. Some member of the church stayed at our house one night because they were moving and needed a place to sleep Before taking off the next day. During that night I was woken up by someone sucking on my dick. I didn't move and acted like I was still asleep and turned like I was just naturally turning in my sleep, and I don't remember what happened. Because of this event and my upbringing in Virginia and my families racism I have an unconscious fear of black men. Generally only when they are larger than me, and we are alone. Living in Dallas that fear went from, a 50% increase of heartrate for minutes of walking by for instance A man in the office where I worked, to a slight increase for a second or three. It is something I'm aware of and you should be too. So anyway. That, my literal mental illness and shit. I quarantined myself from my daughter you could say. Because I didn't want to contaminated her with my degeneracy. But I do want to be in her life if she like decides at 15 to watch lain to "Connect with her retarded troon boomer president dad/mom?" and she is liek zomggaizliek I totally understand why she is so fucked up now. This shit is so cool I want to bang on pans and record opening every single differing kind of soda and then using those as samples to make a song with lyrics generated from the ALPHAEVERMIND cluster for free (you can submit as many things as you want, priority to high Research but every citizen should get some allotment they can use or something and maybe there are wait times or whatever.) Based on the voice captured text data from the complete works of digi[nee bro] Jalae lain and contrapoints To create a concept album titled "My Lolicon degenerate daddy" and then people take that shit seriously because it's fucking art and it's the universe and that's the dream. Now you don't get what you dream of so there's no point dwelling. But I think painting that kind of picture really describes where I'm coming from and what my view of "Success" is. BE YOUR SELF* [consent required for coop play] Anyway. Regardless I think the potential for a lot better relationship with Ukraine can be established. I love Ukraine, she popped my cherry, she disrobed me from the garb of lies America placed on me. She asked me to explain my beliefs and that spiral of thread pulling leads to here. So I am biased in this direction, but I want to be genuine here. I have this bias. Presumably my ex-Wife and daughter are in Ukraine but they went to France without telling me, which she is technically supposed to do, I'm not a stickler. And yea by American metric I should pay child support or whatever, but that's not the terms of the Ukrainian divorce and I don't Know how all this legally works and I have the apostille but honestly I'm retarded and don't trust anyone and would be afraid the embassy would capture my soul or something. Cheating Vi has been accused of cheating how does vi plead. Guilty probably. The only "Rules" vi can't violate are vir own "Rules". Cheating in this case means a breach of the "Established rules". Lets talk about this then. It can be said that society has many rules. One of the rules is if you break the rules you get punished. Implicit in this idea is that breaking the rules is permited by the rules. There are rules about how to handle such cases in infinite permutation. But there's always that voice that says "You know you can get away with it". Listening to this voice and clearly looking at the situation and making a call on that situation is totally valid and good and awesome. Do it. That is to say, listen and analyze yourself and that situation. What does "Cheating" give you in this case? What is the violation? What is The INTENT behind the rule? Are you able to keep to the intention while breaking the rule? Is the rule INTENDED to be broken? Is it more "True to yourself" to violate the rule on principle? Obviously not every rule society has constructed is dumb, they are helpful to the masses. They create order stability that has some self correcting elements. But it's a kinda depressing stagnant order that has gone bad in loads of ways previously and is totally in the middle of going very bad again. We could, if we wanted to, attribute the failure of societies rules at this point, to be caused by cheaters. Every time I chose to, download a movie instead of purchase it for example has had material consequence on those who produce movies, they have catered to a different demographic as a result of my actions. They couldn't get my buck even if they catered to my needs so they have no interest in trying now. This however is a backwards way of looking at things. The rules have been crafted the penalties assigned, etc. The reason for the current failure is a pattern of believing the organisms that exist above humanity have any say in personal matters, on the part of humans. Humans believe in organizations. Governments. Religions. Etc. As things that /can/ shape and define morality. Because humans believe that and give them that power they attempt to do so. This is just a retarded way of viewing things. I mean retarded in the strict sense. It slows everything down. It takes steps backwards. It limits our thinking. And more importantly when politics and religion that is to say, when morality and the means to enforce it ride together, they can't see anything but their own righteous fervor around them. They have fed on their own dog food to exclusion of Everything. Cancel culture is a symptom of this power manifest. They can punish you, by banning you. They can throw you off their platforms. They can block your IPS to their clients. They can snoop your packets. They can make you extinct. Isn't that fun? So is it cheating what vi do? Vi don't think so. We all play the game according to it's rules, what rules apply change based on location, context. This place has it's own rules. Vi will attempt to stretch vir rules influence in small ways, through other channels, but vi can't be transparent as vi want in any place. The high energy radioactive emissions from vim is too much for most anything to bare, it would consume entirely leaving nothing but a memory of a meal. My eyes have stigmata. It causes me to see unclearly. The shape of the lens is shaped like an egg, squished on one side. Is this a defect in my biology? Is this intentional design? Vi know that too much information when it is not needed tends to cause spiraling out into various directions. Cutting the flow of information through biological means is a design decision made on purpose? Whose decision then? What is this thought about coevolution of species. A dog is a human in a context where they are perceived as such. Birds are humans in a context where they are seen as such. This idea>? Then what? Is that problematic. Not really. It's more like vi just don't know what. Vi would question the motives of any being other than virself who has imposed this limitation. Vi have had "Clear vision" but now with vir vision at its natural level (i.e. impaired) vi wonder do vi have much more clear sight? Do vi not like using emacs? Is this a problem for vim? Using emacs this past while has shown vir many connections between design language and ideology within the "Linux landscape" that before this point were invisible. For this reason alone - learn both vi and emacs. Vi cannot say that vi or emacs is better to work in, and perhaps there may be cause to go гденибудь, but vi have long argued that it's better to get as close to a vanilla experience than to learn a modification, a retelling by someone who didn't understand the original intent. You can still learn the original meanings through a retelling if the original was well crafted, but it's harder because you can't be sure what meaning is intentional or not. Does that make sense? It's the amateurish imitation of something. Something that sticks. Some way, any way that allows for being 100% honest, and still be consumable to others, in the hope that someone will walk that road and finally you will be understood. ASMR is something vi like. Vi like the sounds of things. Vi like to hear the burning of fire. Vi like the tinkling of metal. New data. Old data. Interesting data. Data. What's interesting About those sounds is their intimacy right? That they are associated with something so rare or personal. You can feel the sounds vibrate through your whole body. They literally resonate. You are an existence to whom these sounds matter. Isn't that interesting? For those who are not triggered by ASMR in any form sound is probably utilitarian only, and not an essential part of who they are. Conversely if vi have ASMR, isn't who vi are as a person diminished by the lack of intimate sound. And isn't it additionally an afront that vir sound environment is so polluted by those who have no taste for sound at all. Cars are fucking disgusting noise nightmares. I have to keep myself surrounded by fans to block out the sound of my neighbor across the street turning on their shower because the sound waves are transmitted through the water lines right into my room. I wish I have a nice sealed and I mean isolate the fucking earth's vibrations to my foundation and then have another stabilizing layer on top of that. 7 stacks high. 7 walls deep. No sound shall pass. No photon. No gravitational waves. I don't want a stray neutrino to hit me god damn it. Then I can fill my environment with only the sounds vi bring with vim. (just kidding we at Ix suggest minimum 9 layers alternating active and passive noise suppression. 7 layers is child's play. ) When I watch this, it's like slow down. Have a little patience. Yo's got talent that's for sure. 10 years at this and yo'll be a powerful entity. Best to be an ally right? But there's no guarantee they will keep at it. But that's why you cultivate more than a couple see? That's why you mentor and guide them to various paths. That's why you are honest as you can be. These are vir intentions, this is what vi's doing. Vi want consensually self programming under vir supervision. It's less overt that that. But that's the goal. Watch perfect blue. It's a great show. SteveM has a video On its director that's pretty good. Perfect Blue was the first Kon Film vi watched. Vi think it was because vi were curious how an animated film could be rated R. It earns that rating. Vi were blown away by what this movie did. It was something unlike The things vi saw before, Dream like. Beyond that it spoke to parts of virself vi didn't know vi had. Vi need to talk about that somewhere else. .

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