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The horde of Vriska clones had been successfully blocked by Terezi clones. Jaele should have expected such a tactic, and her future sight would ensure that her next reincarnation would see it coming. But that doesn't help her her and now. She looked across the ridge, the blood soaked dirt becoming mud. She could see Him there adorned in red cloak. Jesus Christ. The sight of him stirred her. Angered her. Excited her. She had thrown everything she had at this MAN and he had easily brushed it aside. The blood in the earth she saw, was empowering Him. The lingering souls of the damned gave her some semblance of strength true, but this blood sacrifice called back to old Jewish mysticism which Jesus had enveloped entirely into His mythos. She knew his ability to resurrect was no longer relevant in this place. The clamor of battle had died down as god spiders breathed their last, or left the fight with amends being made with old lovers, the permutations quite endless, but complete. Jaele's left hand was adorned in the gauntlet she had claimed in so many timelines. The sentient gauntlet pulled at her flesh, a feeling she had never felt previously but a sensation she recognized as it beginning to abandon her for a new master. Someone clearly her better. Jesus just stood there waiting? Gathering strength? What? Jaele couldn't know. She couldn't be killed by this Nazarene, but there were plenty of things worse than death. She made a decision. She could leave this place, tail between her legs. Lick her wounds and attempt to build up another fighting force. She might even be successful although with news of this bout sure to spread among the multiverse she wasn't positive of it. She had burned all her good will on this venture, and it was a catastrophic failure. No if this was where she was to be defeated by this... Man... Then she would face him and be defeated by him after she had expended everything. "Bellam terastid - felantar" she spoke and a ripple in the space between her fingers of her right hand opened up, and she pulled her blade from her no-space between realities. She lunged at Him, the force of her kick off the ground destroying the embankment, in an instant she closed the distance and Jesus parried the blade by allowing it to pierce his hand as he twisted it diverting the attack from vital flesh. "So you intend to fight me truly?" He retorted. Jaele was staggered by the blow and lost control of the blade which remained in His hand. "I hate you." she spat falling onto the ground. "You don't even know me" He said standing above her. He pulled her blade out of the hand, old scars visible in the hand and wrists of both hands as he did so. "I know all your followers are worse than any devil there may be. I know that all those who do works in your name rape and steal while claiming they are virtuous" She was stuck looking down, not willing to look up. Her eyes fixed on his feet, which were without any footwear, and scared in similar fashion to his hands. "On that point we are in agreement" he said and reached down extending a hand to help her to her feet. "Why?" she said not really a question, more of a statement of her own confusion, not understanding. "Because it's my role, and despite everything, you are more like me than most who claim to be mine." "A con artist and a swindler?" she replied. Her identity having been fully revealed to herself, but the locks already clicking back into place. Removing her memories of the understanding the gauntlet on her hand no longer attempting to let go of the girl, fear itself had manifest in it's being. .

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