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Every Day Life Do you ever spend hours staring at a word and how it is written? Do you ever stare at the shape of it. The curves, where things connect Or don't, what is a little high, or a little low. HELVETICA STANDARD No serifs on that type. Every curve radius measured and binned. It's business casual. It can get to work at the drop of a hat, but It's the end of the night and really it just wants to have a nice rum And coke. Alcohol has never been a negative experience for me either, I mused listening to Dotesmite talk about her rum and coke experiences. Of course this makes me feel like some kind of predator. Viewed objectively I'm sure it seems that way. It seems that way to me too. It's awesome. I love feeling like this. It's defiantly something I like to feel like I'm a creepy stalker. Oh well. If that's how it's going to be. If I'm going to feel like a creepy stalker I may as well Do the stalker thing right, right? Like may as well go all out and get proper stats and birth dates, And be a total fucking otaku about everything. May as well right? What could possibility go wrong. May as well May? Mark? Pantsu party? Is this what real fucking life? Real fucking every day life? I need to make sure I'm on the fucking mailing lists, gotta know when there is some local volleyball Matches. ハイキュー made me realize that there is emotional development going on. It's not a game that Starts and ends on the match. It's a whole life style. I never have been so devoted to anything Like that except my search to sate my inner needs, most especially my need to find new Things. Read new ideas. I love watching these Dotesmite videos. It's like exactly the right kind of background noise This along with my own ambient videos. Me doing yardwork, cooking, eating cold soup. Playing stuff I recorded without any real good ideas of how to use it. Stuff I want to build into something. Some way to use it. It's all true so that makes it useful. It's a context. It establishes a link to a reality. It's a huge number separated naturally into an order of ununiform sized breaks. This interface is pretty slow but it is kinda nice in that it forces us to make our thoughts At least defined enough to be described. I feel kinda guilty that I don't know kanji (kana?). The reason is I am moved to this point Where I feel like I believe in this ambiguity. Where I feel like the reality I'm living Has to be at once incredibly boring and mundane, and also at the same time the worst Existence possible, and the best existence possible. It is all these and everything in between All at the same time. And seeing that this is true we can feel like well in that case you can, Seek to make what it is you are doing always good right? Ya of course you can do that. Who is going to stop you. Additionally there are going to be those, Who like to make what they are doing bad, to some degree or another. And it's fine. It's not complicated we can... What? ? But I don't trust that. Look Here's the deal. I feel like in a lot of ways she's right. Right? Like I have this overwhelming desire to say I need to make something better in every way than some people. But for some reason it's like Worse than that. I feel like I need to prove I'm better at people at their own game. Which is Of course absolutely retarded. There seems to be an endless supply of things to see, and expose myself To. If I want to consume everything worth consuming I need to start being more discriminatory right? But I'm not consuming things in order to just consume it. I consume it for a reason. 日常 is the best show I ever skipped. She typed with her man-ish bear hands into the black Glassy surface lit up by millions of tiny jewels each reflecting back to her her own light Back to her eyes in perfect proportion to appear different colors. The statement hit her. Psychic damage had her stunned for a near minute, during that Time other processes could run. They could execute their compute cycles. Suddenly sheepish. I didn't say stop. I just don't know what I'm being used for. She said with her fingers speaking words she couldn't say, they are listening. And here Too she commented to herself not really sure if the incredible loneliness of this situation Was being properly conveyed. To be at once totally sure that this situation I am alone And the reasons for my being alone are mine, but ambiguous, and this line the one this meat Can attest to and the one that other perspectives may attest to, and what could come out and who's Names dragged in the mud and how long is the statute of limitations and really isn't cyanobacteria The ones who got us all addicted to this Oxygen stuff in the first place right? Look psychic damage is going to happen one way or another. Symbolic expressions are pretty Foundational. The ability to define a floor but to leave open the option to break apart any idea Into other parts. It's fairly nice. It's annoying that my structure is so random. But I guess To some extent that makes it more robust and less prone to failure. Because it can only Fail completely if all main inputs are severed. Losing too few at once allows for pretty quick rebound. Quick being relative I suppose. Because there's no real reason to keep the knights showing all reality when I'm sitting like this right. We can type without eyes. We can speak without a mouth but for this to work I still need fingers. Right on both hands. What if I could type one handed what would that change. Then I would have to move my body generally a bit more. It's not so hade really Hm I don't know it might lead to some chronic back pain. Some kind of degenerative disease. How we work seems to be killing us right? We need some other way to work that isn't so terrible but when our work is so low rate. I don't know speech could work but with how paranoid I am about people hearing my voice saying things. Eh. Not really sold on this idea. It sounds like a bad idea. How is it people are like literally 10 years younger than me but have written like 5 times as much. How is this fucking possible? Like how is that I have lived this long and not written more? What the fuck have I been doing this 30 years that could possibly justify not having written more words? Well there is the very fact that the process of writing is wholly alien to m I enjoy watching shit. I actually make stuff too. I used to code but that's a totally different process than writing write? Writing code is about doing a lot of thinking in order to bring your thoughts closer to how a computer organizes thoughts. Well instructions. Computers aren't actually good at compromise., Well they are as good as we are, that is to say terrible. Anyway, the more people agreed on something the clearer and simpler the interface it seemed like. Everyone agrees what logic gates are and how they work. Simple nice interface. What kind of interface? 1 person has 12 answers. And it gets worse the more kinds of contexts we Create to solve all our other non-problems. What kind of program you might want for writing A book is different from what kind of program you might want for writing code. They are different problems with different solutions. We need to start using the tools in this tool box. We need to show children they don't know shit. They ain't lived shit. I ain't been wasting time, I've done spent it, digi learning now that she's 10 years Behind the game on a new game. Hopefully the assets are useful. But I'm entering this space with 10years of life on my belt. Eagle scout. Mormon returned with honor After 2 years in the former soviet block. Went to national jamboree's, worked at scout camps. I was true blue America freedom USA "I'm proud to be an American" singing nationalist. I really fucking was. I didn't have the kindness of skepticism in my house. We were Mormon. And so national pride Didn't need to be questioned as long as god stood. This was a pretty good deal for national pride. As long as Mormonism's god was unquestioned nation was free to use Mormonism's vast wealth to do some Somewhat morally dubious things in the name of "Greater good" for the nation. The church could then Disavow some of the actions they literally bank rolled. This is nothing special, religion has And will forever exist as a tool of states craft. The problem here is that, when that religion falls It's not just the religion it takes down right? That's the danger of the religion and leader Riding in the same cart. Runaway into a wall. For me working on something Deadass for more than a day , is hard as Fuck . It seems the only solution to this is to make something so multifaceted I can drop Working an any of the parts at will to work on other parts without having any problems. I think that's the only way to deal with things. It kills two birds with one stone that Way. I still am watching this newtype episode 0 again. It's really good to be honest. I just paused it during the Sixth segment. No Thank you is apparently really interested in the idea of The mask worn in the medium being more or less or different or the same as the "Self" which Drives it. I don't know how dotesmite is going to respond. As I paused it. You have to take my word for it unfortunately. I recorded a 14 minute video I am calling siaynoq 01 Reminder of siaynoq's definition as found @jalainIx: SIAYNOQ: giving honour to one who speaks with sincerity, signifying the remembrance of things spoken in sincerity, containing the idea of light as that which reveals reality, standing for fermentation because reality, or having a belief in a reality, which is the same thing, creates a ferment in the universe. SIHAYA I'll link in the audio when I get to it but here is some highlight right now from what I recorded. Mostly as proof of work being done at this point. Yes I could modify a file to make anything fit. But This is what I'm doing because it's easy and for me to doctor it is unthinkable because I'm so lazy. Anyone who would put in enough effort to fake this is better than me anyway. 9 minutes 15 seconds : "What I am and I know the words that are being recorded and I can attest to those things" 3:19 : "Approaching the point where where I uh was going to go ballistic " 13:02 : "Ok Cool I cant wait to get my new unboxed Duncan. Duncan Idaho." 1:33 : "I am trying to be as accurate a portrayal of myself as possible" 6:20 but like ok so the question is how genuine. What is this mask like how do you how do you how do you uh quantify that. 10:59 : -heavysigh- how do I put it... Like who I am is a character right? Ya I think that's enough that it would be sufficient a pain the ass enough no one would think to Make the recording after the text. That would be /crazy/. Again. This is basically not about real security. It's about establishing a level of effort I deem To be like way to much. This is part of what I'm communicating. That the process of getting the recording from my phone to the server. Way too much effort to do at the moment. Just don't have that level of energy. But it's important that you the reader understand I don't know what dotesmite knows in that Recording. I'm going to finish watching the video now that I have my thoughts basically on the matter Written out, to some extent and also recorded in audio before hearing her thoughts I'm interested to know her opinion, but I'm not sure how hearing it will effect me. I think it could be Interesting So that's something I didn't mention that I thought about saying before hitting record, but just ended Up missing. The idea that scripting and cutting out, editing yourself makes you more or less you. To me this question is addressed in what are you trying to communicate? Is it important that an unedited appearance is part of your message? Is it communicating something? Can it be compromised. Somethings I think are best communicated with professional appearance. I think it's pretty silly to dismiss any projection as not genuine simply because it is curated. It's really about aesthetics. Oh ya. She mentioned that the reason you become a character is a level of self-awareness. I think that's not really true. Turning yourself into an object in the eyes of potential viewers Creates an alternate meta self that shares many of the same qualities as you but is a shadow of You that exists in the minds of your followers. This version of you can be bigger and stronger than Your physical self. This shadow self is an asset. Creating some distance between yourself and your Art isn't something to be looked down on. Some things require some abstraction to communicate something Nuanced right? This reminds me that I think digi gets a bad wrap with what's going on with digibro/nee switch And the new direction their scripted videos are doing along with only fans hentai reviews. Ya it's a kind of sell out. Ya they are clearly doing a grind. My thought is there must be Some reason for that. Digi has talked about viewing themselves as an anime director or studio head. I DON'T THINK THIS IS AN ACCIDENT. We have watched digi long enough to know that there is always Foreshadowing. Starting an anime studio is expensive. You need to like fucking hire people. Even doing everything through fivr for maximum p2p web3.0 newtype production. You need money. I am currently in stand by. I may decide to make a sprint as digi is currently doing to amass fund For a project. Currently I need to write a project bible. Even if I can't organize it properly. Even if my ideas are ideas about the idea and how to make the idea itself navigatable. Software is so trash sometimes. But it's like they always say if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. We did the joke about how this is supposed to be about an anime already right? So how is this about 日常? 日常 is a piece of media I would consider a masterwork. I didn't Know this until watching it for the first time starting 2 days ago. The show is about the kind of people who watch anime. It's at once a portrayal of how anime lovers See themselves, and how they want to be. It also makes fun of who they really are and really act, While also loving them for having the eccentricities they have. The shy teacher, getting upset with someone eating in the hallway, seems silly, like Why does it matter that he is eating in the hall he isn't causing any problem. It's a quirk Of that character, and to diminish that behavior would be to lessen that individual. People conform to the society around themselves but they can't completely suppress their inner self, For example the fact that they are a two-faced bitch, or that they are a dead ass groomer who Hates that about themselves so instead of taking a proactive roll they build a giant extravagant Clusterfuck of a web and hope some prey falls in and wants to explore. Telling the prey over and over to leave this place. To not come back. There is nothing admirable here. You think it's cool I wrote so much? Only because you haven't been in position where your life Is on the line unless you write and keep writing. Write enough words and you can do anything. You can create any reality you wish. All realities are bullshit. May as well invent my own right? May as well make it as complicated as I wish. Oh my daughter thinks she is a mad scientist trapped In a child body. For all I know she literally is. I guess I'm going on an adventure. And I'm gone. I'm No longer in control of this ship, it's being piloted by my daughter. And maybe that's a good thing Maybe the asset of a parents body is best submitted to the child who coming into the situation clean Carries less cultural baggage and is able to more clearly see the situation. 博士 is an amazing child. 博士 is a super genius tech wizard. 博士 is a snot nose brat. I don't prescribe to viewing the fact that she is just a genius professor at 8 year old as the Wikea. I get it you like to take the text super literally, but Lets look at 歩's wait no I'm sorry, I meant ほむら's joke by the river in episode 3 I think as an example of something the show does explicit (as in this case), quite often. This quazi "Is the joke the joke, is it being set up for a further punchline? Is it genuine?" Mai basically seems to have this kind of "I want to be in lesbians with you vibe going" and Talks about the other girl being smart. Them being friends. Her having feelings beyond friendship. And at every stage of the "Decent" of the "Joke" ほむら is watching the reaction. At any point along this chain of events if you want to branch off and explore that universe you can. You'll never get back to this moment tho, this moment has no consequence, taken in isolation As it occurs. But it sets up a question of intentions that range from ほむら is literally 麻衣, and まどか is a reincarnation of this other girl, and they are able to be together again. To 麻衣 is Just an asshole who get's off to toying with the emotions of others. To being very shai and defensive To being vulnerable to romance. So she wanted to plant the seed that she loves the other girl but The reaction she sees tells her it's not time now. Regardless the decent is vulnerable. And can be read with full clarity as siaynoq. But then comes the Punchline. The feelings change how she see's her. Oh did I say you were my closest friend I meant We aren't even friends. Oh you fell for that joke, well you should have seen it coming when I called You smart. And the girl feels like she has just been used for some kind of trans-universal train Stop, nurses her bruised ego with the solace that at least her being stupid is a truth about herself She has no problem accepting. This is some real fucking shit bros. Like the fact that ほむら as avatar for the author is so clearly expressed with her doing the David Touching the finger of god, pose in the middle of class. And her acting in total alignment with Her role as 大阪 and as her role in まどか both 100% at the same time. But also as a near infinite spectrum of 大阪 - ほむら clones. Maybe I'm reading into it. But it's not just me who is seeing this in my house. I only have my own judgment. I'm not sure if I would have had this reading before. I think I would have Just tried to figure out what the "Real" story is behind that world. And the "Real" story is it's a Fictional place, even within the fiction. The reality of that world is nearing a transition state Where the falseness has fallen away. You're inner abstract self shines through to your physical Manifestation as natural result of your manner of existence. This is how I want to view the real World but then it makes me ask questions like what does what I eat say about who I am And if I'm to be the me that communicates to myself properly what can I eat to convey the idea of myself To myself so that my self can get ourself into gear. And be healthy. This isn't so terrible a way of viewing things but it's often extremely difficult to keep the Motivation. I can't have the body of a hot e-thot because I have no self control nor capacity to Defer pleasure. We are working on it. So it's not that the boy with a mohawk has a birth defect. It's that The mohawk of his soul is physically manifest in his body. There are options tho. Like it's possible to cut it shorter, have just a pony tail or something But the show is looking to say ya, we know the premise is weird, he could physically change his hair Here see, we know. But look at his mom. There would be social ramifications to changing it. So he is essentially cemented as mohawk guy. This is also a perfect reaction to the teacher who had a problem with the eating in the halls. Because she has a problem that his hair is too radial. Now it doesn't matter if for example this thing he says is true about it not being able to be cut. We can pretend as we did that it is true. The teacher is clearly being insensitive to the student's Situation. In the other case. Does the situation change? I posit it doesn't. And I think the show also Agrees. The boy may have reasons they want their hair like that. Something personal, something dumb It doesn't matter. He should be allowed to use his body for self expression, as long As it doesn't hurt other people. Some thought might be given to can some forms of imagery be harmful? How should that be regulated? I don't really have any kind of answers there. But I think That if someone is willing to have a message literally written on their face I think maybe we should let them. Like if it's "I hate jews" and you are a jew I think you are free to act how you would act if they Said those words to your face. I think this way the social construct is still conserved as it normally Would be. People don't generally go around saying disgusting profanities. But if someone wants to make it their life's mission to say nigger more than anyone else. That's valid. And has consequences. So mohawk, is like way not a problem. My room mate hates 博士. She says she can't stand kids like that. 博士 makes me Sad that I'm missing my daughter at that age where she has infinite curiosity And imagination. But I also have consumed too many info-hazards and I think you need to build A nice ego core before you can be exposed in a conscious state to me. The first 2-3 years We were together pretty much everyday, so I know I definitely poisoned your mind to some Degree with shit like lucky star and Tinkerbell. How much that will stick I'm not sure. But I'm believing in the universe where I have a lain-ite daughter. But if she wants to be a normie how could I give her that choice? The only way was to allow her To be raised by normies. To believe as normies believe. If she want's to remain normie honestly GOOD FOR HER. Sure for me it'd be more fun to have The kind of relationship that appears from the outside to be a disgusting Cyber incest Sex cult. But that's just my own aesthetic. I can build my weird creepy sex cult regardless Of any other outside forces. Well not really. It needs to run on base reality with no external mods tho. So the question is what is base reality? This anime answers are you an angel from the 灰羽連盟 universe listening to 1920's flapper Music waiting for your giant toast to be done cooking? HELVETICA STANDARD Are you a literal devil being given random cookies from your neighbor and asking for money? HELVETICA STANDARD Are you reading this schizolit at 2:20 AM the in the dark just like how it was written? HELVETICA STANDARD .

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