so pointless this feeling.



Tue Mar 16 23:29:17 PDT 2021 So pointless this feeling. Dreams just keep coming and going. Moments and wind. Information. This keyboard isn't a pleasure to type on. That's not surprising at all is it? The sound it makes when typing is almost like a goose. Heaving and croaking. I was previously using an hcman mechanical keyboard I got for like 30USD. But I didn't trust it anymore. Not that I trust this keyboard. Eventurally I decided to use this because it has a 10pad. I wanted that for blender use, but since then I haven't done much in blender. I figure to really be able to do the things I want to do, to be able to create the things I want to create, I need to have all the skills. I can't rely on anyone else because no one else can be trusted to have the same ideals. This is a failing on my part in a lot of ways. The truth is we all are comprimises, but all have different things we are or are not willing to bend on. The capitalist abstraction justifies so much pain to so many people. I don't know a fIx that isn't worse (at least short term). The oil fIxation. The tendancy to exploitation. The manufaturing of poverty to create "Consent" where it wouldn't exist otherwise. "America is doing something - none of the other countries are!" don't make me laugh! If america wanted to "Do something" they could. They could generate enough profit in going carbon negative with a signature to right the ship immediately. Assuming the carbon tale is true, of course. That there aren't nuclear plants under production in every state is proof the government doesn't care about what's right, only what is profitable. It would end the cycle of abuse we have long established and profited from with no foreseeable analogous cycle afterwards. How could the rich continue justifying genocides and manufaturing poverty in a world with so much energy in the air? The only way they can continue to create a percieved justification is to have regions of negative energy. This produces a tendancy to minimalize energy use to people who care. Maybe this is a problem. Maybe a more proper response is to maximize energy use. Dominate the waveform at a more fundimental level rather than an abstract one. Monopolize the energy and be the wind of change itself. Make hitler look like a summer day. Let's not talk about the fact that the atrocities attributed to him were almost certianly manufactured by the west as propoganda I intended this space(talking about that place from which this was recovered) to be slightly different from the previous iteration, in that it would use more of the commonly used technologies. Javascript is allowed now (ideologically) but I have yet to use it. What isn't allowed is cross domain js. No libraries which cannot be vetted, which essentially means no libraries. It's not that I believe the authors have bad intentions. However something so fundimental needs precision. The glut of power and computation we have access to allows for some truely disgusting glut. Take the care to precision of lens crafting, and apply it to software and those libraries might be fine. We needn't the precision of gravity detectors. As it stands nothing more complex than a lever is really to the proper standard. The very foundation is lacking in resolution. Changing conversation a bit. Should I feel gross about playing guildwars 2 and black desert? I'm not asking humans who are my contemporaries. All y'all biased as fuck by status quo. It feels like an explotation of high technology to create playthings of life that has no say in the matter. Is it "Right"? It could be an interface for the good of those worlds for all I know. Within the world of tyria wayporting is seen to be an uncommonly used technology for getting around, altho it is used by normal people on occasion. Analogous to plane travel perhaps. It's never seen to be used for mass transit of goods, altho it is implied to be used in that way during the war efforts against Zhaitan. However nothing is ever seen to be used for mass transit of goods. The ship yards are empty. There is a theory that the commander is a clockwork golem of extremly high level. The standard asuran golem being slow and large is put in place by a few in order to cement the illusion that better crafted ones are impossible. But the queen's revelry showed that there is far more possible than that. Additionally scarlets work in steam golems of various kind is reminicent of a certian "Marni" from the lands of Serendia. It needn't be a vast conspiracy. The lie need only be to the commanders face, and that lie would then propogate to all the orphan children who tell stories and play. There are a lot of orphans in tyria, a testament to the war torn nature of that world. Let's save talk about how there are many so called 'shai' in Balenos for elsewhere. Peace is worth it, I suppose. Peace between races who previously were killing each other for no reason. Peace between realities fostered by eternal conflict with a reality's multimirror projection. If it takes a lie to achieve it...? The commander isn't a good friend to dragon's watch. Callous, cold, distant. Only really there when there is a fight. But otherwise the commander is content to accumulate wealth by being a hired sword. The systems of power are by design created to suck wealth out of those who live in tyria away from people and into the hands of Evon Gnashblade, as an example. A shiny new toy. Skrit come quick. I really do think this way. These are some of the more coherant and sane things my brain is concerned with. I don't want to abandon Tyria. Even if it doesn't exist physically, I have fond memories of that place. There is a chance that that place exists. That there are people who my actions can help there. That in itself is fucked up isn't it? That my being there is this fucking game and my being there is also potentially something that has a positive or negative effect? Does the game serve arenanet, or does arenanet serve the game? Of course the game is just an interface. And on the other end mesmer magic can do many many things, as can asuran tech. Opening a gate like that... Probably a little dangerous wouldn't you say? So what exactly is the difference between templeos and plan9? This might seem tacitly ludicrous a notion but aren't plan 9 and templeOS basically the same concept? Don't get me wrong, TempleOS is much leaner. Instead of one namespaces in temple0s there are all the namespaces in planIx. Planine has hardware support (lol) and better graphics (lol again) but really they are pointed in much the same direction. My brain has been enamoured by this concept of finding some way to marry these two things. My first idea was to write a p9 client for templeos. This would allow them to operate in the same grid by default. It's not however the real marriage I want. I would want to bring holyC to plan9. Or else take plan9port to templeOS. Honestly, I think making a templeOS kernel run in plan9 is the easier thing of these two different paths. (not that any of this is easy.) The reasoning for why I want to do it is pretty simple; plan9's namespacing is a boon. If templeos could run in userland in it's own process in rio that'd be pretty neat. And templeOS needs some kind of networking, and the plan9 approach would make it quite powerful. I'm sure Terry would call it French faggotry. Or maybe not. I could see it go either way to be honest. I also really like the idea of calling the port of the langauge HeraC since it would have to change some things with the compiler keeping the same name doesn't make sense. Ideally it would probably be compatable on the front end tho. He does a lot of asm, which would probabaly best be replaced with plan9 C. Altho, if it's trying to run the kernel as a usermode application rather than in a vm... I don't know... Not really sure on the viability of that. I want to eat all the damn time holy shit. I have been avoiding using youtube, and sticking to consuming content that I already have on disk, and I have just been crushed constantly by this overwhelming desire to eat. Tuna, oatmeal, chips, quesadillas, spagetti, tacos. It just doesn't end. I hate it. It's so distracting. Wasteful. This dopamine addiction. If I'm not feeding dopamine through new information so, my body is like "Food then". Fuck you body, just die already. .

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