I destroyed a civilization today. The second one in as many months. They were small. Numbering in the thousands of individuals, if they could be called that. The civilizations were of a hive mind species. sugar ants or something like that. They are generally a fairly innocuous species. They don't sting, or bite humans, they just get food and build their hives. It seems they took a liking to living near my electronics and near where I eat. It makes sense and I can't blame them. I'm the one who is intolerant and wrong. I'm the one who gets upset by them crossing my field of vision and can't help but want to destroy them when I encounter them. Today the event went like this. I saw just one too many so I thought I'd look to see here they where coming from. Looking around I saw that there were quite a large number in a like 3 ants wide at parts all along the back of my desk. Crushed it, sweeping away their bodies, crushing and twisting them as I moved my hand from one side to the other quickly. I then decided to look further, they weren't coming from the wall or the floor, they ere bunched near a small UPS on my desk. Picking it up I saw thousands of ants. Many bearing larva. I crushed them, then grabbed my insect killing spray and flooded the area with it. This is the second such civilization of the ants I destroyed in the past couple months. The first was more of a shock. I had for a long time been dealing with small numbers of ants, constantly. I'd see the movement out of the corner of my eye, and crush it. But I could never get them all, and I was always busy doing things, and so didn't bother to look for where they were coming from. I assumed they came from my garden. I have a refrigerator in my room which I put on it's back and removed the door, filled it with dirt and put some growing things into it. Some pomegranates, some strawberries. But it is a lot of dirt, and that means insect life, bugs and such. I don't typically mind. But this time I was bothered. It wasn't just one ant in a couple hours, it was a constant stream of ants. So I began to search. Where were they coming from? I looked at all the edges of the table my computer was on. One or two ants here and there, but nothing that spoke to the shear preponderance of ants actually on the desk. So I began clearing things from the desk. Moved the monitor. Moved the keyboard. Moved the various papers, scattered around. Eventually the only thing left on the desk was the laptop itself. It is a Logitech yoga ThinkPad, and as I lifted it a huge number of ants scattered. Swiped and crushed. Ok I thought, they had gathered under the laptop, perhaps there were crumbs or something they found there, but as I looked, there weren't any more arriving at the spot. Instead I noticed they were crawling on my arm. Smashed, rolled and smooshed. I looked more closely at the laptop, and saw they were coming out of the vents. Out of the ports. Every hole that the laptop had oozed ants. Shock at the realization. They weren't coming to the desk, they were leaving from the desk, from the hive they had built INSIDE the laptop. It made some sense. The room was cold, being winter, and the only warm places were the electronics, and the laptop was a nice shielded place, close to small trickles of food from my habit of eating at my desk, and it was warm. I took the laptop outside after turning it off. To the garage, with a small assortment of screwdrivers. I began to open up the laptop itself. The back plate off revealed many thousands of ants and their brood, little white larvae everywhere. I left to find a hair bristle brush, eschewing nylon and it's static generating qualities. I brushed out every ant and larva visible. Took out the mainboard, More ants revealed. Took the memory off, yet more brood stuffed in the cracks. Under the hard disk, in the fans, under the battery. Literally every place an ant could fit, there was an ant. After cleaning out all I could I left the parts outside over night. It was cold and they would die or leave. I expect even after taking it completely to pieces there are still dozens of ant corpses in the laptop, in places I couldn't reach..

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