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For a while now, but more and more recently I have noticed a trend where there is something my mind picks up on, some idea or passing interest and I might have this impulse to do something when suddenly without warning that same (or more often the case similar) thing already exists done by someone else, ostensibly 5 years ago, by someone with more skill and dedication to that thing than I could muster in my impulsivity. When this happens I have to take a sit and think about how this is the case. The other day I was thinking that I wanted to make a kind of RV trailer for my bike. I started thinking about the skills it would take to do, the time, the money/materials. It's not a completely crazy concept but it's one I had only seen once before by some guy with a non-profit against suicide. Maybe watching that video planted the idea in my head and it germinated like some kind of capitalist tree in my psyche. But no sooner was I there thinking about the feasibility of such a project did my youtube recommendations become filled with many many many such projects by various people. Some were clearly done with less effort, but more skill than I have. Others were with more skill and effort. I didn't see any that had less skill and less effort than I would put into the project. The frustrating light at the end of that particular tunnel is that none of them did the project as I want to. One used an electric bike, which I would use, and another a solar panel, but for use with lighting and interior television (why?). I want to have a mobile grid. I want takarabune to hit the ocean waves and establish sneakernet ways. The trailer RV isn't a necessity, but if I want to have a mobile network it needs power, and if I have power I want to charge my bike and if I want to charge my bike I want to charge it while riding which means at least 2 batteries, which are heavy and may as well sleep in this thing, instead of in a tent. And so it's not an end destination this RV idea, it's a bump in the road. It's an obstacle and these videos which dampen the idea of the trailer RV as a novelty should then be just lighting the fire of possibility that I could just solve the problem with a few grand and no other thought to be made about it. I recently have been consuming some gemini content. I have had problems with just finding anything worth reading on here/there. Finally I've found a fair few, after literal days of looking. But it's kind of annoying that the best ones are much more polished things that look like mine if you squint. Many create their own static site generators. That's not an interest point. Many create their own servers. I still haven't done that. Yet. There are crawlers, and search engines yes, but actually they all kinda suck. I think a decent target to hit would be something like OG google. These engines don't even combine multiple results from the same domain so a single domain will flood multiple pages with very similar results. Maybe search is actually a hard problem to solve? But again search isn't a goal for me, it's a signpost on the road to any of my goals. Ideally it'd be a search solution I understand in a stack of solutions with similar design choice that I can open the hood of and fix problems and add things, but that doesn't mean I have to build it myself. But I guess I do and will. With respects to that idea I guess the next project is a gemini browser on plan9, in plan9 C. But I'm guessing as soon as I post this I'm going to find someone on some tilde capsule already has done such a thing. .

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