thoughts after watching a bunch of woodcrafttube



Don't you ruin the aesthetic sensibilities of your craft with bargain bin corporate pop jingles. Screaming into the void angry comment never to be seen by anything nor anyone except the algorithm. There is so much craft on display. The gluing, the clamping. I could do that! you think to yourself. One of 2.6 million people to have the same thought given the same stimulus. The ASMR appeal of clamp clamp squeeze, dirty calloused finger (years of experience your hands have never imagined the likeness of) wipe away the excess. Your brain knows exactly what it would feel like, smell like, taste like. How it would sound though is disgustingly disturbed by the cooperate pop bullshit. 2.6 million people can't be wrong. But wrong they are. The humans may prefer to have some contemporary bullshit playing, but you know what's timeless? The sound of the work and nothing else. The machine god knows. Remove all sense of personality, no talking, nothing but the work and the sounds of it. Content to consume manufactured content of manufacturing content. The lathe is another story. Simple tho the operation appears and streamlined the content is, the speeds on display induce a stress response at the possibility of catastrophic accident. Highspeed cutting tools jammed on the carcass of decades old vegetation exacting posthumous revenge on the scrimshaw display. But that of course isn't what is shown nor what was captured. The anticipation of such a thing however is so very near and increases the appeal. Under the overbearing mix of synthetic drum beat tinny high-hat bass rhythm you swear you heard a thousand times before the sound of cutting, grinding, polishing. The moment of truth of course is the oil treatment. Oil that bitch up for her summer debut, let her glistening body reflecting an inner light she doesn't possess. God damn it's satisfying. The music makes an odd kind of sense at that moment, for a brief instant, it's pornographic. The moment fades, and it's time to leave an angry comment, unlike the video, and hope the next channel you find (there are thousands of them all the same after all) is one of the ones with the decency not to put that shit music on top of ASMR perfection. .

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