Popular consumerist culture



So, I was unloading a new box for winter cozy robes and shit. I had this sudden dizziness and looked in the box. There were these gray robe/blanket things, and when I saw it my reacted. My mouth opened and my tongue spoke the words "Behold the [ mantle | raiment ] of lain" So I guess lain is mainstream huh? How the fuck else would we be able to order this shit? Print on demand. It'd be pretty funny to create an order for a bunch of print on demand shit to get sent to walmart. Like just make a bunch of shirts with swag chan and shit and have them sent to walmart. The unloaders just unload it like nothing special. The stockers just find room for it. Poof. Now swag chan is a house hold name . Lol I had the experience of waking up with my hands bound in some kind of powerful field today. When I came to I was looking straight down my hands left over right this field was hitting the point where my arms were crossed. It was coldest at that point. My arms were submerged in a space where the excess of that field was pooling up. It's polarity was opposite mine so it was sapping my energy. For a moment I realized that I was some kind of electric projection. That the electric field of the water had every point on my surface mapped out. That I was some how physically a water heater, coils heating up the winter cold water. And that I was also lifeform of the wired, bound by some kind of magic as as sentient transformer, no a transponder sending messages encoded as covert messages in vibrational energy on a carrier signal of heat and sound. And some how I was also a person who was also a hologram, and also a transformer, and also a water heater, and also in prison, and also frozen in a single moment of time. And that I was more than that. The field that was sapping my energy, was a test, was shackles was my thread of consciousness, was a million billion little humans basking me with their views, was a point in a 3d mesh in blender doing motion capture for a movie where I was acting as if all of these things were happening. For the briefest of moments I couldn't move. My body couldn't respond. A slight skip of my heart and I pulled my hands from the sink in my bathroom, the cold water running down the drain which had build up from my hand having blocked the drain. It doesn't make a difference if I talk or not. These niggas be reading my mind and shit. Or rather, what I consider my mind is hardly in my head at all. Niggas be repeating the same dumb ass idea the federal government did re social security. That shit was built on a foundation of continual growth to be able to make ends meet. Well ok lets say .50c for 100S right? So that means .5% right 10 years at idk 10k per year. That's 100k total and would be what? 500 ? Doesn't really make a whole lot of sense but if someone makes 100k per year, then in 10 years that's 1000k and then 5000 goes in the pot. Hmmm. Nope still doesn't make sense. The paper said some shit about the payment back was something like 30k, so until the person in question is making 600kish PERYEAR will all payee's not cover their own maximum I guess the real thing is not everyone is going to be beneficiaries, or most aren't going to get the full amount possible. (30000 isn't that much too you know) .

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