a song I guess



-incoming beam of psychic dream- Shadow clones in this work feeling useless, a quirk. But physicality got me limited, denpa noises time for it again. Temporally dislocate personas across days away Seven times hell no, sabbath ain't a hat trick, naruto may have mad cred, But his son got this hack then. Each fraction got some action and some traction in each own win Discontent on a bend not a friend of mine But no comma no nokama Built a hive to survive need a pack, need a crew. Isolation got me critical Feeling cynical And slightly whimsical Cuz I broke that chain of consequence Of divine providence Guaranteed infamy in my family for some selfish greed Following my need to be me believe I don't wanna be useless and don't feel that I am But this situation's got me all peter pan Stuck in neverland by my own demand I can leave any time but the only exit puts me in a grave or worse wage slave Build an airship, hook always had the right idea Maybe we should meet up I got skills not untested, but no target for my knife Moss growing in places should be moving not static How many plates can I keep spinning? How many plates can I keep spinning? Is that the art of winning? Monetize that and I'm livid. Success ain't hard, just follow the money, and stand for nothin And that's a bridge to far. I'd rather be obscure not demure but no allure and some syntax inactive not attractive Pangalactic sport'in mad threads of my own blend to my home mend but not home when My own kid grown up and me not knowin' Better that way I keep saying, the alternatives are so obvious Propagate my culture through a known kind of abuse, The protag needs to be loose, and not tied to my capsized role That's what I'll say. That's a truth at least. Maybe it's wrong but I think we belong In a story like that, one that starts with a song. .

incoming references