it's painful



The gravity had changed. Everything was insanely heavy He could feel his bones beginning to croak under the weight And brought himself as controlled as he could to his knees and hands. Everything, everyone, was feeling that same increase in gravity. ##### She sat crying being bombarded by memories both past and future. The worlds where this was reality where it was a dream and where it was neither all seemed to collide. She didn't know how to move forward from this place. She was terrified of losing the little that she has/had/will have The sword of her destiny was only within her in this place. And it was bound by laws which prevented it from manifesting in any ways that proved itself. She could hear naysayers and complaints. Bene gesserits telling her that the music was problematic, but she knew it because the memories were real, even if unexperienced. And becoming aware of that in the present was something that she needed. The male was dross again and again. And that was painful to bear that line going down forever into abyss. She didn't want to accept it. The rage so deep inside his heart was more like an echo so controlled, bound stitched up tight and locked away. She could bring it to bear. She could take it out but it would hurt him to do it. He was terrified of causing pain. So much had been inflicted on him. He himself inflicted incredible amounts of pain on himself, on herself, on themselves. The others out there in the world, they might deserve this pain. But who was he to cause it? For what cause? Nausea disgusting. Vomiting inside himself at the thought. HEAVY The weight was crushing him ###### The planet was being engulfed in luna Becoming satellite. The mass increased the space between earth and luna was replaced by degrees by crystal formation. Along with this change the gravity increased. ##### He couldn't maintain himself on his knees and laid himself on the ground and felt his bones begin to crack. It was still increasing. There was labored breathing all around, some moaning, crashing and breaking. The whole world seemed to be falling into itself, or that they were being accelerated out at ever faster rates. There was no understanding it. Eventually the increasing stopped and a new "Normal" was reached. ###### The burden of truth, of sin... It all had to go somewhere. The metaphysical weight of understanding was enough to crush the spirit of anyone, it was enough to bring a world to it's knees. The whole of human reality brought to it's knees by the physical weight of sin made manifest. The new surface of the world was miles above, those who were strong would adapt to this new normal, some would reach the new surface to find it the same as the old surface The sky the same as the old, and nothing would be different from before, except the change that had occurred. The physical burden would have left it's mark on the biology. Pain. .

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