Testing if this works as expected

If everything works the way that I expect it to with regards to this post it means that this will show up as a child of feed, which makes it a feed entry that will show up in the feed list, but it may be out of order in the gemini entries, since I use alphabetic ordering and numeric names to keep them in order. Any feed reading software shouldn't rely on the order of items, and use the date value for sorting however, so that really shouldn't be a huge problem.

It's just a little bit weird is all. There is also a problem with how feed pages generate since we are using more keys for storing metadata and the generator assumes that every key other than the main keys are links. We'll have to add in skips for the new entries.

I should also be able to put references here and they will work fine for the main article. Link to works[works].

I should also be able to make the entry type text rather than article to include an external document, and we are testing that now apparently.

Looks like the initial test does work. Well not entirely. I forgot that I am overwriting the feed.gmi that's generated automatically with one specificly formated to just include links to the feed entry pages to be in line with the gemlog format. The fact that this entry is out of order does make the gemlog look weird in a way I don't love, but it /does/ work for my feed reading software atleast, which is kinda the only point that matters for that page.

Ok fine we are testing linked text in feeds. Not really sure why since I'm at least 98% sure it will work. .

incoming references