Some slight modifications to how gemini pages are built



Saw that a crawler had been looking at my gemini pages, because it was kind enough to include it's name in a request (it loaded a page like 'gemini://cybersavior.dev/robots.txt?gemini://their.gem/faq')

Looking at it, it seems they scrape pages for hash tags in the content then add it to a searchable db [gemini://freeshell.defreeshell.de] . Pretty cool stuff, but the way I use tags wouldn't get picked up. So, for the purposes of gemini, I didn't really have anything for them. But, I do have a taging system, and it was an easy enough task to change how I generated the pages to make my tags "hash tags", thank [muffet] for making this a one line change.

But since I was perusing the code, I decided to fix something that had been bothering me about my gemini files for a while. I had been doing links such that when they were read out they didn't include their text in the main body. So the muffet link above would just read [2] instead of muffet[2] in the gem file. I had been dreading changing this because I thought it would be a complicated fix, but it was rather easy to do and I feel silly for putting it off. Anyway. There are some other minor things, like letting you know if a link is to an audio file or image on the link rather than it just being a blind link.

Hopefully that makes it a nicer experiance.

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