Some thoughts on hentai.



It's probably pretty obvious I'm some level of coomer, but like with most things I mostly just want to be done with it so I can move on to the next thing. I don't like spending my time with coom brain, so I get in and out as fast as possible. That being said I do have strong opinions about porn. Nothing that you likely haven't either thought of yourself about porn generally however. Porn is almost all taken with the male gaze in mind, it's deeply misogynist. It likely only really exists (certainly it exists the way it does ) because capitalistic forces. There are systems of disempower designed to keep the hot young women wanting foreign money. And this pyramid of wealth makes it so even chump change in the west is tons of money to people from certain places. It almost seems on purpose doesn't it? So what is it to be done. Well ideally not watch porn. For live action shit it's pretty tough to watch anyway. I can't help but see the cogs turning, the layers on top of each other to make this whole thing work. I can see the moment to moment tells that say, this is an act. I'm acting. I don't actually feel what I am demonstrating. It's a mood killer Seems like a pretty silly pathetic reason not to engage with an evil meat grinder, but I guess lets be thankful there is at least some reason, rather than not having a reason and to be grinding ourselves away every day Hentai is a completely different kind of thing, isn't it? It can exist in universes that don't have men, or don't have women, because the visual depictions are all drawn. That is to say the hand that drew it has no gender, it only requires hands, not genitals. This is a huge difference separating hentai and live porn. Hentai doesn't need to communicate in high fidelity the reality of sexiness (if such a thing could even be captured on camera) it only needs to evoke the idea of sexiness. Hentai trusts the viewers mind to do some heavy lifting. To fill in the blanks. So I think I have sufficiently convinced myself that hentai is not only a medium worth existing (it already exists anyway, it is it's justification), but it is worth considering as a point of analysis with regard to the human condition, that is to say it is worthy of discussion. Because of the differences in how live porn is made vs how hentai is made the forgiveness in not addressing the message of live porn is not going to be given for hentai. We are dealing at a higher level of abstraction, more abstract thoughts are kind of expected. When a hentai is being made there are all kinds of thoughts about what to depict and the order of things. Not just in a vague general sense but frame by frame. That long boring intro is there for some reason. (sure that reason might be because they need to pad the length of the production) but more often it is the case that it's attempting to draw you into the world. I've been watching cream lemon episodes lately on hentai-moon. My hentai tastes tend loli and yuri. So there are at least a couple that hit that specific combination, I can think of 3 off the top of my head that are close. But generally yuri is hard to find in hentai. Now I don't mean, yuri scenes, those are common, I mean yuri hentai as in the whole episode is interested in discussing lesbian relationship. Honestly I don't know why there isn't more. Like sure I'd expect most of it to be terrible, but if I'm thinking just lesbian hentai we have... What, exactly? Please actually send me a list or something I'm in a desert of my lack of search terms. Anyway. There's that one about sisters that's pretty ok, except the one sis needs to get her act together. Maybe that one is a bit too annoying. Um. What else. There's that one where the girl is fucking her brother, and the other girl walks in on that, then the one girl leaves on a plane and the other girl uses magic to take them to a island in the middle of nowhere. Um... That one's not super great either, although I guess needing to deal with rapist brothers in an easy enough fashion makes some sense. Is this what you were expecting clicking on this? No? Yes? Idk. So creamy lemon has some yuri stuff. Most of the time tho there's this undercurrent in the meta language. Being in a lesbian relationship because you can't get with a man, or being tricked into it. I suppose that was the times. Maybe they wanted to push that message. One in particular I remember was the super virgin club or something. Girls who were all fucking each other, could zap men if they came on to girls to protect them. Turns out there were male super virgins too. And after some lesbian sex, the one girl is saved by the idea of straight sex with a boy. Then they fuck and save the school by showing the true power of love is p in v or some shit like that. I've thought about this hentai way more than I should. Why is it this story keeps popping into my head. It's like "Stop being a super virgin, dawg" "Virginal loser really just scared baby" "Open up and get fucked" things like that. It's annoying. I've been watching some others by the same studio and the messaging is not usually that blunt but there is always this undercurrent that deviant sexualities are bad, that they might be enjoyable, but they are just a Band-Aid on the problem and that the real deal is only found between dick and cunt. Now I position it this way because my own distaste for it. I've been there and done that, and to be honest I don't miss it at all. It sucked. Head is good. Hands are good. Vibrators, good. Onaholes, also good (especially with vibe). Pussy? Well it's good for touching. For licking. Etc. But fucking? Fuck no. It sucks. Maybe that's just the opinion of a virginal bitch, or maybe I haven't had "Good sex" or whatever that means. Maybe. maybe it's cuz my dick is just too small, so sex is shitty or something. There's all kinds of reasons it could be. .

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