We live in a time of social, economic and ecological unravelling. All around us are signs that our way of living is already passing into history.



All things die. At least that's what we are lead to believe by the examples of the world around us. Tho I expect that "This too shall pass" I have this gnawing feeling that the perception that we are perpetually on the cusp of a situation where all society falls appart is a fabrication to keep some people in a state of constant worry filling their coffers like dragons with food to survive the "Coming disaster" that will never be.

The other take is that things truely are as disasterous as they appear, and somehow those with the reigns can't see the blood soaked writing on the wall, or else ignore it with a "I've got mine" zeal.

Regardless of whether it's this or that, I must do what I am compelt to by the environment which I enhabit. That environment exudes unsustainability in form and function. Im an ubsurdity and due to my absurd nature I feel I must prepare for when the inevitible occurs. Civilization will collapse. The roads will degrade, shipping routes will be disrupted by storms and raiders. We will, gods willing, live in a world where the difference between haves and have nots will be so vast as to render the haves gods with near magical technology and the have nots as slaves with nothing so advanced as a hoe.

Welcome back to Balenos. You may call me Marni.

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