people seem to think that spending resources toward renewables that is to say things like - corn based ethonol, solar, wind, geothermal, and dams (in roughly order of most retarded to least), are going to save the world.They will notI can not speak out strongly enough against any motion toward anything but nuclear efforts any more. APPEASEMENT. That's all it is. Every penny devoted toward any "Solution" that doesn't include a nuclear reactor is at best a stop gap, and more likely a actual obstical which prevents progress. This is because peoplethinkthat they are doing something to help and more importantly the ones in charge sit satisfied in the knowledge that the public feels that way.

In no uncertain terms those who control the power infrastructure have no interest in a nuclear future. This is because it will undermine their source of power, which is to strangle the power supply to raise prices to in perpetuity be the one in charge of who has and who hasn't. In a nuclear world they can no longer justify this to the public. But if they can convince people that solar is a solution, they have another thing they can monopolize. LAND. They can control the winds, the nice sunny places, the water ways. In short they maintain their control and people remain cattle. Accept nothing short of a nuclear future. Either we have it or we die, there can be no compromise on this issue.

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