a proper date system



it was realized, with a bit of a chuckle, that we had created and implemented the date system without the slightest bit of forward facing documentation. This may make things more difficult for those in other realities who wish to operate with our own, therefore we will seek to rectify this situation

when discussing calandars and dates the solution on terra was to get one that works and spread it as widely as possible. This is not an ideal solution from our view. We were discussing calandars and weather patterns on this world and it seemed that a combination of many differing calandars was actually a more optimal result. We have been often critical of the base ten number system used by terrans, a hold out from the old roman empire from what we can tell. Disgusting. Truely.

our system is a "Free-дар" to any who want it. A base sIx and [counting] adaptation of the kehtoan date system for use with relative compatablity with the gregorian date system. It is a compromise, but seeing as we have literally no way of reconning time from the disolution of our home and the arrival at [takarabune] and because the calandar was deeply tied to the astrology of that home it only makes sense to begin with an epoch starting the year of our arrival on terra -AA corresponds then to the gregorian year 1986.

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