a brief about nIxtrian kehtoan writing



The Kehtoan language has undergone many variations over the eons. The variations that existed before the exodus of the Nixtrians are lost to time. Perhaps in the future the old world will be found and pre-exodus records allow Us to grasp a fuller picture. What we do know is that the original form of the writing system seemed to Use exclusively the lunar glyphs originally. These symbols are approximated in this document as ' ( C o D ) These 6 symbols in the current system each represent base six numbers Increasing in value from left to right. They represent the phases of the moons in the sky as they advance their lunar procession. New moon ` zero Waxing crescent ( one Waxing half C two Full o three Waning half D four Waning crescent ) five At some point it there was a shift from base 6 number system to a base 36 system When this happened a new writing system was created which was heavily inspired By the pairs of the lunar symbols which correspond to each number. ` generally became vertical bars within the symbols, for example. The writing system that used this form had a lot of inherent symmetry which Made the reading and writing tedious and difficult. Many symbols appeared very similarly. Scholars on the old world valued these characteristics however, as it ensured A care approach, attention to detail of the subtle difference between a deliberate vertical stroke and a curved one for example. The Nixtrians rebelled against this approach when they first created their Angel-tech interfaces. They modified several glyphs to be more distinct, they reordered they glyphs Based on other characteristics, as well such as use in the grammar. In addition to the changes to glyphs they overlayed a modality to the structure Of the writing system not based on the historic uses creating a Three tone shifting which divorced the number meaning from the glyph meaning. These changes amounted to something of an encryption or scrambling of the Language, full of double meanings which would be hard to decode by the Cordel Traditionalists. The original language and structure of the Cordel are completely lost, However they may be somewhat derived from what remains by removing many Aspects of the Nixtrian modifications and the applying a strict rigor and Logic to what remains. There are some efforts among the descendants of the Nixtrian survivors to Restore the Cordel variant, to restore tradition is rebellion to a culture Of rebels it seems. .

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